Microsoft Monthview Control 6.0 Missing

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  3. Microsoft Monthview Control Missing
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Microsoft Monthview Control 6.0 Excel 2010 Missing

I'm using Microsoft Excel 365
I cant find the [Microsoft MonthView control 6.0 (SP4)] tool in More Controls list.
I tried the following steps:
>>Download the MSCOMCT2.OCX
>> copy MSCOMCT2.OCX file and paste it in C:WindowsSystem32.
>> open Excel.
>> Go to “Developer” Tab. Click on “Insert” in “Controls” group.
>> Click on “More Controls”
>> then click on “Register Custom” Button.
>> then in C:WindowsSystem32 find the “” and click on “ok” button.
But got a message: Cannot register this control.

Download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Common Controls from Official Microsoft Download Center. Play slideshow. New Surface Pro 6. Stand out from the ordinary. Find your new PC. Now's the time to enjoy all of the great new features in Windows 10 on a new device. Monthview Control Missing - I have recently had to replace a work computer and reloaded. - Free Excel Help. And just displays as a big red 'x'. The monthview control is not listed under the 'more controls' option, and I have downloaded mscomct2.ocx to my System 32 file, but it still does not show up as an option. Mine has Office 2010.

Excel vba monthview calendar control

Vba Monthview

This should display the 'Additional Controls' dialog box. (5) Scroll down and Look for 'Microsoft Monthview Control 6.0 (SP6)' on the 'Available Controls' list. (5) Select the tick box next to it and Click the OK button. (7) You should see the Calendar icon of the 'Monthview' control on return to the Toolbox panel.

Microsoft Monthview Control Missing

Microsoft Monthview Control Missing

Did you add it? I possess Office 2007 nevertheless this is usually intended to apply to 2010 as properly Used from: Phase 5: Find the MonthView controI The MonthView controI will offer the work schedule that you will spot on the UserForm. It will be not usually present on the Tool kit so you will have got to inquire fór it.

Right-click ón the Toolbox and select Additional Handles. Scroll down the checklist in the Extra Controls discussion until you discover Microsoft MonthView Handle 6.0 (the edition number might be different based on your version of Microsoft Workplace) and check out the package following to its title, then click on OK to near the discussion. You will see that a switch for the new control provides been added to the toolbox. I tested it in 2007 and it functions as present.

Microsoft Monthview Control 6.0 Excel 2013 Missing

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