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Download the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition free; Download Minecraft Pocket Edition – Bedrock Engine free on Android. If you are using an Android device, the only way for you to receive Minecraft PE – Free Bedrock Engine is to download and install via the MCPE apk file. Minecraft Pocket Edition - differs practically with nothing from the computer version therefore its admirers will find many familiar details in mobile option. It is amazing with special, unique retrostyle. All events in this world are extremely simple and casual. It is the game, where graphics and other technical features aren't so important as process. We know that you will like the idea. You can have Minecraft carried with you, right in your pocket, so you can play it anywhere! Want to play during a break at school? Feeling bored waiting for your friend to come to the meeting? Sitting in a public transport and staring in the window instead of.

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Download Minecraft Mod APK Beta – latest version – on Android now to explore the block world and make anything you want. Prepare to unleash your creativity.

  • God Mode

The world’s best-selling game is on mobile and it’s coming with a bang. Download Minecraft PE mod APK for Android to get endless hours of entertainment in a massive world where you can build anything you want. Your imagination is the only limit here.

Minecraft probably doesn’t need too much of an introduction to most people. It’s literally one of the biggest games of all time and even though it was released almost a decade ago, it still has a huge following among various age groups all over the world.

The basic premise of Minecraft APK is pretty simple: here is a massive world, now you can explore it and do pretty much whatever you want while you’re there. If you want to build your own house, then do it – that’s a good way to start. If you want to build a massive castle or even a futuristic city, then go ahead. As long as you can spare the time it’ll take to build such a structure, you’ll be fine.

Minecraft PE APK comes to mobile

Now you can play Minecraft wherever you are. The game doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can play it on the train, on a flight, in the car – wherever you are! This is the complete version of the classic Minecraft game. The whole world is here – including the Ether.

Massive open world to explore: The Minecraft world is a whopping four-times the size of the surface area of planet Earth. In essence, it’s a never ending map. There is an abundance to explore in this world

including forests, deserts, dungeons, and much more. You can build wherever you like and did down into the underground to collect more resources. Cut down trees, dig for precious ore, and craft weapons, materials for building, armor, and much more.

Game modes: There are three game modes in Minecraft. The basic one – and the one we recommend that you start with – is Survival Mode. In this mode, you’ll need to collect resources to make things and you’ll need to make sure that you’re always eating to stay alive. There are enemies out at night and in the dungeons underneath you, so make sure that you’re prepared to fight them.

The next game mode is Creative Mode. In this game mode, you’ll have unlimited resources at your disposal and you don’t need to eat to stay alive. This means that you can simply focus on building massive and epic structures. This game mode is not challenging, but rather allows you to focus on unleashing your creativity in building things. It’s best to do this when you want to undergo a big project like a castle or town.

Ideal for children: Minecraft can be – and is – played by people of all age groups and demographics, although it is best suited to kids. The game is great for letting children explore their creativity and build up an interest in building things and seeing the potential of using their imagination. It’s a great way to bring alive the imagination of young people and they’ll possibly be better off as a result.

No servers: Unfortunately, you cannot access servers on the mobile version of Minecraft. On top of this, anything that you do in the mobile version doesn’t carry over to the PC and console versions of the game, and vice-versa. This is simply a limitation that everyone has to put up with on Minecraft PE APK.

Unleash your creativity!

If you’re ready to start exploring a massive open world in the biggest game ever made, then download Minecraft mod apk for Android now to begin the action. There are more than 180 million people who have this game and more than 112 million active monthly players on average. In short, this is possibly the most successful game of all time and you’d be a fool to miss out on it!

Download Minecraft APK Mod - Menu, Full Unlocked

It's a popular launcher for installing of Minecraft Pocket Edition mods, textures, and addons! ModPE mods use a simplified programming language - jаvascript, many scripts use little ram memory of your Android or iOS device. Therefore, such modifications are widespread. Also, by using this launcher you will be able to install shaders. In the new version have been fixed bugs with mods, and also added several new ModPE methods and most awaited - Support for Intel Atom devices.
The latest version is located at the bottom of the download list.

Available BL updates:

Minecraft Pe 0.1.0 Download

Block Launcher 1.27Minecraft PE support
Block Launcher 1.26.2 Beta
There's no ModPE script support, and might not even load worlds yet, report bugs
Block Launcher 1.26 (+Pro)
For Minecraft PE 1.12 Release
Block Launcher 1.25.1
For Minecraft PE 1.11 and 1.12
Block Launcher 1.25
For Minecraft PE 1.11 Release
Testing support for Minecraft PE Beta
Block Launcher 1.23.3Block Launcher 1.23.2
Working ModPE Scripts for Minecraft PE 1.10
Block Launcher 1.23.1
Unlocked Scripting.
Block Launcher 1.22.3
Compatible with MCPE /
Block Launcher 1.22.2
Support for Minecraft PE Release.
Block Launcher 1.22.1
Support for Minecraft PE (previous betas).
Block Launcher 1.22Block Launcher 1.21.2
Added experimental mod API.
Block Launcher 1.21
Support for Minecraft PE 1.7 Release.
Block Launcher 1.20.1
Support for Minecraft PE 1.7 betas (including Betas from 1 to 5).
Block Launcher 1.20
Support for Minecraft PE 1.6.
Block Launcher 1.19
Support for Minecraft PE 1.5 (PE 1.5.1).
Block Launcher 1.18
Fixed texture bugs.
Support for MCPE 1.2.13 as well as possible compatibility with 1.2.14.
Block Launcher 1.17.10
Added setOffhandSlot.
Experimental support for MCPE 1.2.10.
This means that some common functions may be buggy.
The version works on the last three updates (including 1.2.9).
Block Launcher 1.17.7
AddFurnaceRecipe fixed.
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.5 (Beta 1-2).
Support for Minecraft PE 1.2.3.
Probably there will be a release of Beta 2 in the near future.
Block Launcher 1.17 Beta
Re-enable custom item icons.
Fixed setFlying/setCanFly.
Test support for Minecraft PE 1.2.
There may be glitches after installing large mods.
This version is suitable for 1.1.X mods and textures, in some cases there are failures.
Block Launcher 1.16.2
Fixed a bug where the player left the game with the mods installed.
Block Launcher 1.16
There are a lot of annoying problems, we are waiting for the update.
Beta for PE

Minecraft 0.1.0 Apk Download 'Subscribe' - YouTube

Fixed texture packs loading that are connected to mods.
Beta version for MCPE
You will have to wait for the full version if you want to install mods. It will be available only after the release of 1.1.
Beta version for Errors and crashes, it is quite normal.
Wait for the version in which you can fully install PE mods and plug-ins.
Block Launcher 1.15.2
If you download any mod for MC:PE 1.0.2 / 1.0.3 then use this version.
Some fixes such as an error with custom armor and block IDs.
Block Launcher 1.15.1 PRO
Support for PE 1.0.2.
The new version supports MCPE 1.0.0 (0.17)
Download this if you want to install mods for 0.17.
Support for MCPE 0.17.0 / 1.0.
Pro version 0.17.0 will be added after the full release of the game.
Support for MCPE 0.16.2.
Support for MCPE 0.16.0.
The developer has disabled the ability to use some of the methods. The methods will work in the next version.
Update for Minecraft PE 0.15.7 (installing mods, texture packs, etc).
Block Launcher 1.13 Pro
The ability to install any mods for 0.15.x. And also support for other functions: addons, patches, etc.
Block Launcher 1.13 rc2 Beta
Support for MCPE 0.15.4.
You can run some mods for MCPE 0.15.4.
Bug fixes. Fixed a crash.
Block Launcher 1.13 rc1 Beta
You can run some mods for MCPE 0.15.2.
Fixed bugs.
Also, now you can run scripts from the textures.
You can run some mods for MCPE 0.15.1/0.15.2.
This is a test version and some features may not work, so wait for the update.
Block Launcher Beta
At the moment, only the texture packs can be supported, but preferably to install textures packs using the new feature.
Developers have enabled the official ability to install of textures packs without hacking.
Block Launcher 1.12.6 PRO
Texture packs support for 0.15.0.
Fixed skins rendering.
Improved user interface.
Block Launcher 1.12.6 Beta 2
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Build 2.
Block Launcher 1.12.6 Beta 1
Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Build 1.
Block Launcher 1.12.4
Added Item.get MaxStackSize, playerAddExpHook, playerExpLevelChangeHook, entity HurtHook, Item.internal / translatedNameToId methods.
Fixed a crash during the destruction of the block.
Fixed not working getTextureCoords method with items if id more than 512. Fixed a bug when you exit the game.
Fixed a bug in the ModPkg ModPE.openInputStreamFromTexturePack method.
Block Launcher 1.12.2
Fixed the mods in ModPkgs format, fixed the opportunity to ride on the mobs, destroyBlock hook, spawning lightning bolts, sendChat methods and blocks with transparent textures.
Added Level.get / setChestSlotCustomName, Entity.get / setArmorCustomName, setImmobile, get / setTarget, ModPE.setUiRenderDebug, Item.getMaxDamage, getTextureCoords, Block.getTextureCoords, continueDestroyBlock hook methods.
Fixed a bug where the game contains a lot of items from mods.
Block Launcher 1.12.2 Beta 3
Added Entity.get / setTarget and BlockRenderLayer methods
Loading of scripts from addons: paste in assets / scripts / main.js
Block Launcher 1.12.1 PRO
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Release version.
Added 'launch the Windows 10 Edition starting screen' function without patches. Activated in the BL settings.
Block Launcher 1.12 BETA
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Release version.
Fixed a crash on Android 4.4 or later versions.
Block Launcher 1.11.4 BETA
Support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Build 1.
This version does not support the scripts, you can install the texture packs and addons.
Block Launcher 1.11.4 PRO
Now the application has a default white theme. Added a slider to change the theme (black and white)
Removed Live PTPatch button
Block Launcher 1.11.2 PRO
Support for Minecraft PE 0.13.1
Support for Android 6.0
Support for full-screen mode: Settings -> Fullscreen
Experimental support for Intel Atom devices (Redstone API, and addons do not work yet)
Added projectileHitBlockHook, projectileHitEntityHook (for snowballs, eggs and bottles with experience)
Fixed the crash of game when the setCategory function call before addCreativeItem
Please report any bugs to https://github.com/zhuowei/MCPELauncher/issues
Block Launcher 1.11.1 BETA 4
Fixed custom armor.
Block Launcher 1.11 BETA 4
Fixed some custom items and small bugs.
Block Launcher 1.11 BETA 3
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.13.0 Release version.
Fixed some ModPE methods.
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.13.0 Release version.
Many methods are still not working.
Block Launcher 1.10.4 BETA
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.13.0 build 1/2/3.
Currently launcher supports the installation of texture packs. Mods not working.
Added new ModPE API for changing the weather, player hunger / exp.
Block Launcher 1.10.3 PRO
Block Launcher 1.10 RELEASE
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.12.1. Support for all scripts.
Block Launcher 1.10 Beta

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free Download For Pc

Block Launcher 1.10 Beta
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 build 12.
Block Launcher 1.10 Beta
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 build 10.
Block Launcher 1.10 Beta
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 build 9.
Block Launcher 1.10 Beta
Added support for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 build 8.
This is a test version, so ModPE-scripts (mods) and the sound is not working.
Ability to install of textures packs, shaders and low probability - add-ons!

Minecraft Pe 1.0 7.0 Download Apk

BlockLauncher v1.9.10 PRO
Small update -Fixed ModPE.selectLevel
BlockLauncher v1.9.8 PRO
Increased resolution texture packs up to 64x32
BlockLauncher v1.9.7 PRO
Full working Pro version for Minecraft PE 0.11.1
Now you can use the 2 texture-packs at the same time (for example shader pack + texture pack).
Expanded support for texture packs.
Increased the maximum size of objects id (4065).
BlockLauncher v1.9.7 Beta
An experimental version of the launcher to the full version of Minecraft PE 0.11.0 or 0.11.1!
The script works (add-ons to the effects ofpotions and furniture).
BlockLauncher v1.9.5 Beta BUILD 14
Now he works on 0.11.0 build 14. Added API effects of potions.
BlockLauncher v1.9.5 Beta
The new version of the popular launcher to install mods, texture, etc. The beta 15 fixes a lot of bugs, the main - crash when killing mobs, and fixes some of the methods.
BlockLauncher v1.9.3 PRO
The new version of the popular launcher to install textures, mods, etc in MCPE. This update adds support for Minecraft PE 0.11 Build 12 and corrected numerous bugs.
BlockLauncher Beta v1.9.2
BlockLauncher available for new MCPE 0.11 Build 10. In this version added to the setting. Unfortunately ModPE not working.
BlockLauncher Beta v1.9
An experimental version of the launcher for Minecraft PE 0.11.0 build 9. Enable the [Safe Mode] before you start playing.
BlockLauncher Beta v1.8.7
The developer has released a new beta version, it appeared a function of adding armor and eliminating small bugs.
This is a test version. It contains advertising. Soon will come PRO.
BlockLauncher Pro v1.8.5 PRO
Changes in 1.8.5:
- Bugfixes
BlockLauncher Pro v1.8.4 PRO
List of changes in v1.8.4:
- Finish cloats feature on servers
- Fixed setNameTag
- Fixed bug with hiding the keyboard.
Blocklauncher Pro 1.8.4 to version 0.10 added to the game the opportunity to put cloaks, well, many still do not know how to do it.
So long cloaks can be put only in multiplayer, we hope will soon be in a single game.
Detailed instructions:
First you need to be registered on one of the servers:
- Lifeboat
- epicmc
Then we go to page: blskins.herokuapp.
Choose our server and press the 'Cape'.
Enter your username and password from the server and load the file in a string cloak 'Cape:'
Cloak successfully installed

Minecraft 0.1.1 Apk Download

Block Launcher 1.8.1 PRO
The new version of the popular launcher BL. The main change was the fixes functions. The developer has also added the ability to put their own unique skin.

Download Download Block Launcher 1.8.4 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.8.5 PRO
Download Block Launcher Beta 1.8.7
Download Block Launcher Beta 1.9
Download Block Launcher Beta 1.9.2
Download Block Launcher 1.9.3 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.9.5 Beta
Download Block Launcher 1.9.5 Beta BUILD 20
Download Block Launcher 1.9.7 Beta
Download Block Launcher 1.9.7 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.9.8 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.9.10 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 8
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 9
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 10
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 11
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 12
Download Block Launcher 1.10 Beta BUILD 13
Download Block Launcher 1.10 RELEASE
Download Block Launcher 1.10.3 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.10.4 BETA
Download Block Launcher 1.11 BETA 2
Download Block Launcher 1.11 BETA 3
Download Block Launcher 1.11 BETA 4
Download Block Launcher 1.11.1 BETA 4
Download Block Launcher 1.11.2 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.11.4 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.11.4 BETA
Download Block Launcher 1.12 BETA
Download Block Launcher 1.12.1 PRO
Download Block Launcher 1.12.2 Beta 3
Download Block Launcher 1.12.2
Download Block Launcher 1.12.4
Download Block Launcher 1.12.6
Download Block Launcher 1.12.6 Beta 2
Download Block Launcher 1.12.6 PRO
Download Block Launcher Beta
BL versions for 0.15.0-0.15.8
Download Block Launcher 1.13 Beta
Download Block Launcher 1.13 rc1 Beta
Download Block Launcher 1.13 rc2 Beta
Download Block Launcher 1.13 Pro (0.15.5)
Download Block Launcher 1.13 Pro (0.15.6)
Download Block Launcher 1.13.3 (0.15.7)
BL versions for 0.16.0-0.16.2
Download Block Launcher 1.14.1 Pro (0.16.0)
Download Block Launcher 1.14.4 Pro (0.16.2)
BL versions for 0.17.0-0.17.X (1.0.0)
Download Block Launcher 1.15.0 Beta (0.17.0/1.0)
Download Block Launcher (1.0.0/0.17.0 release)
Download Block Launcher 1.15.1 (1.0.2/0.17.0)
Download Block Launcher 1.15.2 (1.0.2/1.0.3)
Download Block Launcher 1.15.3 Beta (1.0.4/
BL versions for 1.1.X
Download Block Launcher 1.15.5 Beta (
Download Block Launcher 1.15.8 Beta (
Download Block Launcher 1.16 Beta (1.1 Release)
Download BlockLauncher 1.16.2 (1.1.3/1.1.4)
BL versions for 1.2
Download BlockLauncher 1.16.3 Beta (1.2)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17 Beta (1.2)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17 Beta 2 (1.2)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.3 (1.2.3)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.5 (1.2.5)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.7 (1.2.6)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.7 ( Release)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.8 (1.2.8/1.2.9)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.9 (1.2.10)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.10 (1.2.10 Release)
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.12 (1.2.13)
BL versions for 1.4
Download BlockLauncher 1.18 (1.4/1.4.1)
BL versions for 1.5
Download BlockLauncher 1.19 Pro (1.5/1.5.1)
BL versions for 1.6
Download BlockLauncher 1.20 (1.6)
BL versions for 1.7
Download BlockLauncher 1.20.1 (1.7)
Download BlockLauncher 1.21 (1.7 Release)
BL versions for 1.8
Download BlockLauncher 1.22 (1.8/1.9)
BL versions for 1.9
Download BlockLauncher 1.22.1 (
Download BlockLauncher 1.22.2 (
BL versions for 1.10
Download BlockLauncher 1.23 (1.10 Beta)
BL versions for 1.11
Download BlockLauncher 1.23.1 ( Beta)
Download BlockLauncher 1.23.2 ( Beta)
Download BlockLauncher 1.23.3 (1.10.0 Release)
Download BlockLauncher 1.25 (1.11 Release)
BL versions for 1.12
Download BlockLauncher 1.25.1 ( Beta)
Download BlockLauncher 1.26 (1.12 & 1.13)
Download BlockLauncher 1.26 Pro (1.12 & 1.13)
Download BlockLauncher 1.26.2 Beta (1.13 & 1.14)
BL versions for 1.13 & 1.14
Download BlockLauncher 1.27 (1.13 & 1.14.1)

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Minecraft Pe 0.1.0 Download Torrent