Modern Stone Wall Cladding

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Rugged stone walls add a nice new dimension to your home interiors! Plain and uninteresting walls are a thing of the past. Most homeowners today prefer having customised wall designs that add to the character of the room. As statement walls are a hit, interior stone wall cladding is a much-favoured option with homeowners, owing to their rustic appeal.

What exactly is the stone cladding in interior design? Stone cladding is a decorative surface, a thin facade of natural or artificial material, placed on top of the basic concrete layer in modern constructions.

Stone-clad walls are lighter than normal walls. Natural stones or stone-like materials like veneer are commonly used for natural stone wall cladding in interior design. How is stone cladding applied to the walls?

There are two methods commonly used to apply stone cladding to the walls. The first method is the Direct Adhesion Installation method, primarily used for natural stones. In this method, a cement mortar is typically used to apply the stone cladding to the walls.

Stone Wall Cladding To Create Colour Contrast

The second method is the Spot Bonding Installation method. The wet adhesives in this method cover only 10% of the surface area to allow for gaps and air pockets between the cladding layer and the wall; due to this, the chances of water staining go down.


How do you clean walls with stone cladding? Since we are talking about interior stone wall cladding, the cleaning method used for such walls should ideally be less invasive. Interior stone-clad walls are less susceptible to dust and stains, hence the cleaning material can involve only water and a cloth. For more rigorous stains and hard-to-get-off dust, the detergent to be used will depend upon the type of stone which has been used for interior stone wall cladding.

The Brick Wall

Natural stone wall cladding looks great in pretty much any part of the house. Take a look at these 10 stone cladding installations for inspiration. Brick walls are among the most common looks that homeowners prefer when it comes to interior stone wall cladding design. In smaller apartments, the wall behind the TV unit is perfect for making a style statement with stone cladding.

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The colour and texture added by the stone ensure that the wall design requires almost nothing else. Red brick wall cladding is versatile in terms of the final look. With modern homes, especially bachelor pads, a stone-clad wall makes the space look very urbane and sophisticated. A spare wall in the kitchen, like the one here, can be transformed simply by the application of cladding. For an open dining and living space, a common wall needs to seamlessly blend in.

Stone Wall Cladding In Light Colour

The light grey stone cladding gives the wall a beautiful soft texture and provides a beautiful backdrop for the cabinets, a backsplash for the counter and a background for the wall decor.

Plain white walls for the background are a passé. This stone-clad white wall is doing all the right things for the statement wall in the living room.

It works great with the warmth of the natural brown of the furniture and adds to the overall brightness of the space. Wondering how to amp up the look of your bedroom?