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The MetaTrader 4 broad functionality can be even wider!

Application Program Interface, API allow you to build new functions into the platform, integrate it with other solutions and customize it for a variety of unique tasks.

Server API makes it possible for you to develop various server plugins with unlimited possibilities, including management of server parameters, order and customer base, processing trade requests and more.

Manager API is responsible for the development of an additional functionality, the platform integration and customization of its functions.

With this interface, you can even create your own manager terminal to work with the platform.

DataFeed API is designed for the development of any news and quote data feeds.

Report API is a separate interface allowing you to create custom reports on financial operations and the trader accounts.

WebServices API is used to integrate the platform with websites.

This is an indispensable tool for arranging user accounts and displaying quotes on a website.

Hundreds of brokerage companies have chosen MetaTrader 4 and appreciated the platform's functionality.

But if you still need something special, MetaTrader 4 API will help you to find a solution! The MetaTrader 4 trading platform licenses are no longer available for purchase.

We focus our efforts on the development of MetaTrader 5, and further conceptual updates will only be released for this multi-asset platform.

Powerful, reliable, fast, scalable, cost-efficient, easy to use and standards-driven websocket API designed to boost your forex application development process.

Supports any MetaTrader broker.

Same stable API for both MT4 and MT5.

Find free socks5 proxy is hard task. So we will build ourselves for example.

Now method exist, but proxy doesn’t.

If you logged to MT4 server, API would keep that connection. You can check connection existing by user_id returned by method “new”.

Get quote from connection by user id and tiker

Open orders from connection

Please, use exactly exampled datetime format

You should see properly exception, because market was closed, when I am writing this document

But when it switched on, you will see like this

When you work is done, you should disconnect by user id

If connection was closed earlier


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