Multi Pack Picture Frames

Posted on  by admin
Buying these for the 2nd time as we liked the first set much. Unfortunately, there seem to have been “improvements” which made the frames worse. The holder of the largest ones now have a strap to hold it in place when put on a table - this is good - but the holders themselves are thicker and protrude outside of the frame in the back. So, when hanged this pushes one of the sides up and the frames do not lie flat on the wall. We “broke” the holder but the hinge still pushes them out though less. So, remain good for placing them on a flat surface but not on a wall.
Also, the glass of the 4x6 ones was very dirty in both packages we bought, not so much on the larger ones. Had to wash them before hanging which is not acceptable for a new product - we bought quite a large number of other frames together with these (different style) and the others were squeaky clean. So, this time giving this new “release” version just 3 stars as a result