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Multiple Photo Blender is a simple but powerful app; it blends two of your Photos into a single Photo. With the app you can create an amazing poster of your photo by blending them into one.Ultimate Photo Mixer will let you unleash your creativity so you can make your own masterpiece.

Create professional photo effects with advanced tools like Effects, Sticker, Overlay, Brightness, Rotate, and Flip, blending, mixing, effects and many more. Ultimate Photo Blender Camera is Make your normal daily photos more interesting with ease, just select a picture from your gallery or capture from camera and mix this picture with our existing stunning picture collection or choose another picture from camera/gallery and blend them together to get an amazing result.Try out latest Multiple Photo Blender Double Exposure app and you will never leave it!!!

When you download Photo Blender Camera Effects Editor and see what type of effects it possesses, you will like it most!


This photo manipulation tool is here to help you personalize your pics. Don't lose your time and get it! This is application with concept of photo blender mix-up photos using bokeh effect camera. Select your face photos from gallery and apply bokeh square overlay on pictures. Photo Blender App support unlimited photo snap on blend at same time you can blend 2 3 and 4 pictures together.

You can also blended mix multiple pictures and apply lighting bokeh blur effect photo editor on pictures.Blender App create double-exposed images by blending two photos or create multi-exposed images by repeating blend steps with a different photo each time. Create Blend Collages with Amazing Blender Camera Pictures on Photo Backgrounds and Innovative Photo Backgrounds with wide variety of backgrounds to choose from for Beautiful Background.

App supports Unlimited Photo Blend at same time you can blend two or more pictures together. You can also mix multiple pictures and apply lighting bokeh effect on photo.Feature: - 1. 50+ photo blending styles.2. 10 three photo blending styles.3. Add Text and sticker on the Photos.4. Choose the different effect to apply on the photo.5. More than 30+ blending effects.6. Support move and pinch gestures to control the blending.7.

4. PicPlayPost

Square Photo.8. Create square size photo with blur background.9. Adjust blur level of the background.10. Apply the pre stock background to the background.11. Create photo in photo effect with 20 templates.12. Apply effect for both front and back photos.It blends or Blender Photo Editor two or many of your Photos into a single Photo. With the superimpose picture effects, you can create an amazing poster of your photo by blending them into one.

Blender Photo Editor is similar like photo collage means you can add multiple photos in one photo.Make a fancy Photo Collage Blender of your friend’s photos, embellish it and send these personalized gifts to some special person. Everybody will surely fall in love with this.This Mix Photo Editor is an amazing app that can blend two of your photos into a single photo to build fascinating posters with simple taps.

Also match your photos in equal proportions with a spontaneous crop adjustment and set your Blender Animation transparency with easy swipe gestures!Photo Mixer Multiple images using Unlimited Photo Blender and Mixture. To make blended pics more effective you can change overlay effect and transparency ratio & effects. Drag and drop to freely move photos over the HD backgrounds.

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Photo Mixer & Editor photo editor gives real look to combine multiple pics with different overlay.Thanking to you For Using This app, give us your feedback, rating and Consider for Future updates.Thank you.. Google Commerce Ltd. The best photo collage apps give you a fun way to share all the many, many images you've have sitting on your smartphone.

Whether you want to share them with family members and friends, post them to a social media platform or turn them into cards or posters, the best photo collage apps will take your images to the next level, letting you add video clips, animation, text, music, and more. There are dozens of photo collage apps available for Android and iOS devices, each with its own unique set of features and pricing — so how do you choose between them?

We took a look at a number to compile this list of the best photo collage apps. And if you looking for more traditional tools, you can also check out our list of the best photo editing apps and the best video editing apps.

1. Pic Collage

After looking at a number of options, our pick of the best photo collage apps overall is Pic Collage. It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offers dozens of templates, patterns, backgrounds, and grids from which to create your photo collage, and lets you easily share your creation to social media sites.

Pic Collage has an intuitive layout that lets you quickly start a project, or get inspiration from pre-made templates spanning a number of categories and genres. It also has a pretty comprehensive set of photo editing tools, so you can touch up each picture to your liking. Like most of the best photo collage apps, Pic Collage is free, but if you want to remove ads and gain access to additional features, layouts, stickers, and more, you'll have to purchase a subscription, which costs $4.99 per month, or $35 per year.

So, if you're going to pay up, we suggest you also look at some less expensive options on our list, such as Diptic, which has a one-time fee of $2.99, or Moldiv, which is free to use but costs $14.99 for access to all of its features. With Pic Collage, you get the choice of starting off with a classic collage grid, freestyle blank scrapbook or a pre-made template.

What are the best photo collage apps?

Just review the photos from your library or social media accounts, and choose the ones you want to include: Pic Collage automatically delivers a wide variety of templates and grid patterns to accommodate what you've picked. Then you can adjust the overall size of the grid and the individual cells inside it, change the boundaries, set a background color or pattern, and adjust the focus of the image inside each cell, or swap images.

A built-in photo editor lets you apply basic edits to each image, and apply stickers, doodles, effects, and picture frames. There's a lot on offer here and together it's enough to make Pic Collage our top pick of the best photo collage apps. Pic Collage is free, but a premium version which removes the watermark and the ads, lets you add videos and also gives you access to more templates, stickers and patterns is $35.99/year or $4.99/month.

8. LiveCollage

You can also purchase individual templates and sticker packs, which range in price from 99 cents to $2.99. Download Pic Collage: Android, iOS. Diptic — which works with both photos and videos in the same collage frame — showcases your narrative across tons of templates, in categories such as Animated, Classic, Jumbo, Bordered, Fancy and Fresh.

You can adjust all aspects of the design including the size and color of the cell borders, frames, aspect ratio and fonts. The app lets you combine photos, videos, and Live Photos captured by your iPhone into a single template. You can even specify video quality. If you really like your composition, you can save custom layouts for reuse.

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You can also apply a variety of adjustments to each photo, derived from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Dropbox, or Flickr accounts, add a song from your iTunes library, and share the package directly to social media. Diptic isn't free: the app costs $2.99 (a desktop Mac version is 99 cents), with additional layouts and texture packs, watermark removal, and more available as in-app purchases for 99 cents each.

But it offers enough that it's well deserving of its place among the best photo collage apps, even against free alternatives. Download Diptic: iOS. Collages typically cluster images together in a template, magazine page or greeting card design to convey a message or narrative. But Moldiv recognizes that each picture tells its own story.

How to choose the best photo collage app for you

And that’s why, at launch, you get to perfect your image components before you start loading them into Moldiv’s hundreds of frames and magazine covers and layouts. The app provides a full toolbar with edits like Crop, Clarity, Exposure, Color, Vibrance and more. You can use images in your camera roll or shoot new images directly in the app.

A separate Beauty Camera concentrates on creating attractive selfies complete with face slimming, skin softening, and eye enlarging. If the free options aren’t enough, in-app purchases let you buy extra packs of filters, stickers, and patterns from $1.99 to $6.99 each, or all packs for $14.99.

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Download Moldiv: Android, iOS. Even if you don’t have a clear sense of how to arrange your new collage, PicPlayPost has you covered. At launch, the free app automatically presents a For You compilation of your latest images and videos in an animated slideshow format — complete with zooms, multi-photo drop-ins, and transitions.

You’ll be tempted to just stop there. But there’s much more. You can select from among six aspect ratio choices (including Instagram specialties) and you can opt to include music from your collection of songs or videos, or find new music to buy.

The launch screen presents additional enticing choices like creating a slideshow with transitions and animated text or a collage that includes photos, videos, and GIFs and Live Photos. Whatever you decide, you can tweak each component individually in the template.

2. Diptic

In-app purchases from $1.99 to $24.99 offer additional frames, pro editing features and your own watermark. A $6.99 per month subscription plan provides enhanced video editing, creation of multi-collage slideshows, animated, pin, or perspective text, and more.

The total package with all add-ons is $99.99. Download PicPlayPost: Android, iOS. With more of a social orientation than most of the best photo collage apps, PicsArt’s main screen not only lets you get started with a collage, but also lets you access a community feed that showcases creations made with the app, making it easy for you to search for artwork from friends and followers.