Music Control Panel

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TECHNICAL CODE FOR PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM ENGINEERING. Technical Terms. The days of only being able to play music in one room of your home are gone. With an in-wall audio distribution system, you’ll be able to raise the volume, skip to the next song, change audio sources, and basically control your music in just about any room of your home using in-wall keypads.

Home Controls offers a wide selection of in-wall audio distribution products such as music & intercom standard 4-room kits, various types of volume control keypads, bluetooth compatible audio systems, and more. Need help finding the right home audio/video product?

Home Controls offers free support to assist you with product advice and system designs. We can help you find the right products to meet your needs.

Call Us at 858-693-8887 (7 a.m. Pacific, Monday - Friday). It’s a thankless system, but the audio control panel is the lifeline between your cockpit and the outside world. Since it supports a variety of other avionics on and off the instrument panel, you should design your avionics suite around it.

But in a modern world of integrated intercom, aural warning systems, digital Bluetooth connectivity, three-dimensional sound, and entertainment audio distribution, selecting (and wiring) an audio panel isn’t as easy as it once was.

When I designed my first avionics suite for a Lancair IV in the early 1990s, the choices were easy.

King had just released the KMA24, Collins had the AMR350, and Narco sold the CP136 audio switching panels. You pretty much matched the audio panel to the brand of radios because most panels did the same basic thing—switched the audio between headphones and speaker and selected one of two radios for transmit and receive.

This was even before the day of integrated intercom— cabin communications were handled with a standalone unit, requiring more panel space.