Natural Gas Powered Generators Portable

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Check out 4 of the best portable natural gas-powered generators to suit all budgets.

As we move into a greener world we are all trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, which means looking for more eco-friendly energy sources to power food trucks, RV’s and homes. Traditional diesel fuel generators are considered an “unclean” energy source because it produces many harmful emissions when it is burned. This means alternatives models such as dual fuel generators which gives you the option to use diesel or natural gas /propane as an energy source are becoming hugely popular and as of 2019 accounted for 43% of all generator sales in the US.

However, it can get a little confusing when it comes to the term “natural gas” and “propane”, especially when it comes to generators as there are slight differences. And it is because of this most natural gas-powered generators use propane gas as an energy source.

Below is a short section to clarify the difference between the two gases and 4 of the best natural gas portable generators in2021 – from the best value for people looking for a generator under $500 to generators to suit higher budgets. Note: For this article when I use the term natural gas what I mean is propane gas generators.

Table of contents:. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video. What is natural and propane gas? Pro’s and cons of propane gas generators. 4 best natural gas generators. Appliance running & surge watt table. It can get a little confusing understanding the difference between natural gas and propane especially when it comes to power generators. This is because when someone is searching for a natural gas generator what they mean is propane gas generators.

Here is the main difference. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, which contains large amounts of methane gas as its main component and smaller amounts of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Propane gas, also known as liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is a co-product of crude oil refining and natural gas processing.

Whilst both types of gases have similarities in the fact they are both odourless, colourless, and clean-burning fossil fuels, propane gas is considered more superior. This is because propane gas as a fuel is more energy-efficient and green, hence why most gas generators come as propane-powered as standard.

Cleaner energy – Propane or natural gas is considered cleaner, releasing less harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, such as sulphur and carbon monoxide, compared to gasoline or diesel.

Odourless – Natural gas portable generators produce an odourless smell when burnt, as opposed to a pungent/acrid smell produced by diesel/gasoline-powered generators. Not temperature sensitive – Gasoline and diesel generators can become temperamental in cold weather which can make them difficult to use.