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Natural gas standby generators provide a stable, simple solution that eliminates the difficulty and discomfort of putting up a temporary generator. It may be challenging late at night or during a severe weather event. You don't have to worry about extension cables or gasoline with a home natural gas standby generator.

One of the simplest ways to keep your most vital devices operating and everyone inside a bit more relaxed is purchasing a natural gas standby generator. Continue reading to view our top 7 best natural gas standby generators and learn how to keep your home fully supplied at all times.

Wattage: 10500 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 30 x 29 x 26 inches. Item Weight: 234 Pounds. Color: Blue/Gray. Voltage: 240 Volts. This item delivers the same power as permanent home standby systems but in a portable factor. This machine can power home needs like lights and significant appliances with 10,500 watts of operating energy and overflow up to 13,000 watts.

#4. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS 20kW Review

Wattage: 22000 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 25 x 29 inches. Item Weight: 238.59 Kilograms. Color: Aluminum. Voltage: 240 Volts. The Generac generation controller has a multinational LCD that lets you check battery health and track service intervals to make sure your engine is always in good working order.

Wattage: 19500 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 25 x 29 inches. Item Weight: 525 Pounds. Color: Aluminum. Voltage: 240 Volts. General G-force motors are purpose-built, pressure-lubricated turbines that can handle the rigors of power sources, leading to more dependable power and requiring less regular inspection than any competing engine.

#2. Briggs & Stratton 40346 20kW - Home Standby Generator System

Wattage: 22000 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 25 x 29 inches. Item Weight: 515 Pounds. Color: Aluminum. Voltage: 120 Volts. The Generac Promise ensures that the Guardian Series home backup generators, which range from 9 to 22 kilowatts, will provide you with a sense of security and the energy to live.

Brand: Champion Power Equipment. Wattage: 8500 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 52.4 x 33.5 x 32.1 inches. Item Weight: 460 Pounds. Voltage: 120 Volts. Engine Type: 4 Stroke. In the field of power generators, Champion Power Equipment is a leading company. This ATS50 Emergency Essentials Automatic Transfer Switch has eight accessible channels and delivers continuous electricity to your house during a power failure.

#1. Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator Review

Wattage: 10000 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 25 x 29 inches. Item Weight: 338 Pounds. With True Power Technology providing best-in-class system reliability with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion, this generator allows sensitive electronics and devices to operate cleanly and smoothly.

Wattage: 24000 watts. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 25 x 29 inches. Item Weight: 455 Pounds. Voltage: 240 Volts. Compared to competing products, this Generac's new 24kW can save you approximately 8,000 dollars in equipment and setup expenses while powering what matters most in your office and home company. Product Images, Product Titles, Product Highlights from Amazon Product Advertising API.

#5. Generator Briggs & Stratton 40415 17kW 3-Phase

Different considerations must be taken during the shopping process. Study resources are obtained in a wide variety of ways. Thus, our staff is all here to lend a helping hand, advice, and solutions to your issues. The article will highlight some of the most prominent options on the market while addressing some of the most often asked questions.

Is it worthwhile to shop for this item? Who cares about the quality of the product, and why should it? When deciding which product is ideal for your requirements and circumstances, what elements should you consider? Where should I go in case I need to learn more about the product? What are the advantages of buying this item?

#3. Generac 7033 Guardian Series - 11,000 Watt Generator for Whole House

Along with the dramatic growth of info sources such as websites, forums, or even the feedback from your relative, you are supposed to get access to the Best natural gas standby generator more conveniently. Our research with the support of AI tools and Big Data promises accuracy and objectiveness for you guys.

As a result, a closer examination of the features below would be beneficial: . After you have determined your power requirements, two important factors to consider are its physical footprint and how loud it emits. You will want to have the generator close to your house, no matter how small or large the area. You should consider how loud the generator will be outside your house.

Comparsion Table

This is measured in decibels. Our generators average between 60 and 70 decibels. A vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is around 70 to 80 decibels. Although most portable models are powered by gasoline, some have the ability to be run on natural gas or propane. Others can also be modified with kit conversions.

Portability is not a top priority if you need backup power for your home. There are many advantages to stationary generators. Stationary generators are generally more quiet, less complicated to start and much stronger than portable ones. They can also be hardwired to your business or home, so don't try this at home!

What Would You Determine The Primary Methods For Selecting Best natural gas standby generator?

There will not be any messing with extension cords if the power goes out. You'll need something portable for camping, caravans, boats, fishing, and other home uses. You will need to decide what kind of start-up your portable generator should have.

There are both pull-start and batteries start options. If a CO sensor is installed, this critical safety feature will automatically turn off a generator's motor. To be included on the CR list, a portable generator should have this safety feature. This technology is available in more brands than ever before, even heavyweights like Ryobi, Honda and Generac. We have more than a dozen generators with CO safety shutoffs.


You should first determine your power needs before purchasing a generator. Air conditioning, refrigerators, sump pumps or well pumps and medical devices will all have high power draws and are most important during an outage. Although home generators can run on a wide variety of fuel types, all those listed here use liquid propane (LP), natural gasoline (NG), or both.

The generators that are able to use either one or both of these fuel types can be easily converted without the need for tools. These models are ideal for powering delicate electronics such as computers and TVs. These models produce an uninterrupted sine wave of electricity, which ensures there won't be any power surges. Traditional and standard generators operate at maximum speed, regardless of the power required. An inverter, on the other hand, uses a smart throttle to adjust when you switch on an appliance or light.

7. Can I Vent The Exhaust Out Of An Enclosed Area?

It saves fuel and runs quieter, more efficiently, and it is healthier for the environment. Single-phase generators generate single-phase power that is comparable to the one used in most household appliances. Single-phase generators can be used in small and large homes. Three-phase power is often required for larger commercial operations.

Therefore, a generator with three phases is necessary. Although three-phase generators are able to be operated as one phase, the power output of a single phase will not be as high as when it is run in three phases. The home generator could theoretically last indefinitely if it has unlimited fuel supply and is free from mechanical problems.

Alternative Fuel Capacity

The generator engine works in the same way as a car engine. It requires regular maintenance such as an oil change, replacement of belts and other similar tasks. National Fire Protection Association guidelines allow small generators to remain at least 18 inches away from exterior walls.

However, local codes may require you to check for more strict requirements. Installers who are professionals should be familiar with the codes to help plan where your generator will go. There are many factors that go into choosing the best generator for your home. These include your power needs, your essential appliances, such as fridges, air conditioners and sump pumps.

For the maintenance recommendations, consult your owner's guide.

Stationary Or Portable

Although they can be more expensive than portable generators, home generators will provide you with peace of mind and ensure that your family is safe during an outage. A home requires a minimum of 5,500 to 7,500 watts in order to operate.

Why prefer Briggs & Stratton 40346 20kW

Common home generator capacities start at 10,000 watts. Generators that are portable can be used outdoors where ventilation is available. Like all gasoline engines' exhaust, generator exhaust contains toxic carbon monoxide. You can find more details in the Portable Generator Safety Tips.

You risk electrocution if the generator isn’t properly grounded. Follow all federal, state and local rules relating to grounding. You can connect household devices and appliances to a portable generator, but not all at once. You should never plug the generator in to an electrical outlet at home or work.


A certified electrician will install a manual power transfer switch that conforms to electrical codes if you want to attach a portable generator into your home or business's wiring. When the latest info related to Best natural gas standby generator comes available, we will update it as soon as possible.

Please check our websites frequently for the most up-to-date research data. Our team is able to support you with many problems, even the out of Best natural gas standby generator. If you require support with your issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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4. How Often Should I Perform Routine Maintenance?

Standby Gas Generators are an important part of any emergency preparedness plan. They're designed to run on fuel sources such as propane or natural gas, and can provide electricity for many hours during a power outage. In this article, we will answer some common questions about standby gas generators, review the top three models in the market today, and offer helpful tips that every prospective buyer should know before they make their purchase decision!

Living in area frequented by power blackout due to natural disasters can be very frustrating especially if the area is very cold. To avoid this Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator is comes hardy to sort out all your power problems.

The unit is designed in a way that it can operate under any condition talk of sub-zero temperature or even extreme heat. The unit is totally automatic and is the quietest in class this means you do not wake up the neighbors when it goes on in the middle of the night. Reliable: this unit can operate in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22° F and 104° F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the generator performs weekly self-diagnostic tests this makes it most reliable home standby generator.


Extremely powerful: when using propane as fuel it has the ability to provide 8500 watts continuous power while when using natural gas it produces 7500 watts these is enough to power any device. Dual fuel technology: this generator engine is designed to runs using natural gas or propane; hence, the user has the option of choice on the fuel to use based on financial capability.

Clean power: our equipment safety is paramount, this generator produces clean power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) this mean all our sensitive electronics such as TVs, Laptops, and smartphones can be connected. Easy to assemble, and easy to use. Great product buys at a great price! Champion 8.5-kW Home standby generator has a 10-year limited warranty.

Propane Running Watts: 8500. Natural Gas Running Watts: 7500. Noise Level from 23 ft.: 59 dBA. Start Type: Electric Start . Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane . CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant. 8.6 Average rating . This unit is not very large and is very quiet as compared to outside (open) generators, its noise level is about 59.5 dBA. Champion support includes 10-year limited warranty.

Automatic CO Shutoff

Easy to start, in case of power blackout it starts automatically. Reliable and durable (the most reliable backup generator). EPA certified and CARB compliant in 50 states. This unit has no wheels which is a really big challenge when users want to transfer it to another place. Some users have complained that this unit vibrates a lot. Have you ever thought of a dependable standby generator for your power problem?

Briggs & Stratton 40346 is all you need if you are located in an area that experience frequent natural disaster and you need that generator that can sort out all your appliances with power in such occurrence. This generator is most preferred due to the fact that it features split amp transfer switch that connects to an electrical system to your home.

It starts automatically when there is power blackout, is that not cool! Dual fuel technology: this generator engine is designed to runs using natural gas or propane; hence, the user has the option of choice on the oil to use.

Propane will require an on-site storage tank that can be buried while natural gas can be provided by the local provider. Durable: to ensure it last longer it base is made of stainless steel to which it resists rust while the enclosure is made of corrosion resistant aluminum.

2. How Far Away From The House Does A Generator Need To Be?

More power: Briggs & Stratton's Symphony Power System enable the production of power enough to run 2 air conditioning units at the same time. This is a big plus for those loving area frequented with a blackout.

For a solid reliable home backup generator this the best choice. Run multiple air conditioning units without the need to utilize power shedding. Briggs & Stratton 40346 has a 5-year limited warranty. Propane Running Watts: 20000. Natural Gas Running Watts: 18000. Noise Level from 23 ft.: 68 dBA. Start Type: Electric Start .

Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane . CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant. 7.9 Average rating . This unit comes with a five-year warranty. It can power appliances when compared to other generator and also very important can power two AC units.

Lots of efficient power. Easy to install and operate. Non-functional parts, previous users have confessed of having a challenge where the stepper motor or the governor not working properly, therefore, it runs full speed until it shut itself off. Although from the manufacturer they claim automatic style exhaust system and dampening technology is employed to make it relatively quieter but the truth is this unit is very noisy.

5. Are Home Generators Worth It?

It very heavy you will require a friend when installing. Very large transfer box. Finding the right standby generator that can meet the power that your home needs to stay on during an outage can be challenging, worry no more True Power Technology has come up with Generac 7033 Guardian Series 11KW/10KW that can deliver best in class power quality with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) this mean all our sensitive electronics such as TVs, Laptops, and smartphones can be connected.

6. How Big Of A Generator Do I Need To Run A House?

This unit is the best back-up when connected to your propane or natural gas fuel supply, it kicks in within seconds of sensing power loss – automatically – and runs for so long as necessary until utility power returns. Durable: to ensure it last longer it base is made of stainless steel to which it resists rust while the enclosure is made of corrosion resistant aluminum coated with rhino coat powder finish to make it more resistant to corrosion.

Why Generac 7033 Guardian Series 11kW/10kW

Easy monitoring: this unit is mobile linked for remote monitoring this ensures that the user can monitor its working from any part of the world using the smartphones, tablets, or PC. Dual fuel technology: this generator engine is designed to runs using natural gas or propane; hence, the user has the option of choice on the fuel to use.

Why prefer Briggs & Stratton Power Products 40415 17kW

While it relatively expensive, this unit has the ability to supply your entire house with power. Generac 7033 Guardian Series 11kW/10kW comes with 5 Year Limited Warranty. Propane Running Watts: 11000. Natural Gas Running Watts: 10000. Noise Level from 23 ft.: 64 dBA. Start Type: Electric Start . Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane .

  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant.
  • 7.9 Average rating . The unit variable speed operation automatically adjusts based on the appliance you run which is a big thumb up.
  • Its mobile Link Remote Monitoring lets you check in on the generator while away from home.
  • Very quiet operation running at a lower RPM.

1. How Long Can You Run A Whole House On A Generator?

Aluminum case on the motor is safe for use in all climates hence last longer under any condition. 5 Year Limited Warranty. Some customers have complained of buying this unit with a design flaw that causes it to leak oil and the unfortunate thing is that repair kit is not guaranteed. Due to its nature, it must be installed by a professional after purchasing it this translates to more overhead to the user.

3. What Is The Best Generator To Buy For Home Use?

Most customer claim is that the Generac doesn’t honor its warranty claims. Purchasing the right standby generator where the market is flooded with much different kind of generators to choose from and lack of adequate knowledge of the right unit to use during the unexpected blackout can lead to buying of the wrong unit. The good news is that you need to worry any more KOHLER 20RESCL-200SELS 20KW generator is all you need.