Natural Stone Wall Cladding Panels

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Eco Outdoor offers a vast choice of natural stone interior and exterior wall cladding materials from traditional, dry-stone and random ashlar format wall products, tiles and stacked stone in granite as well as Melbourne Bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate and more.

With so many different options for Stone Veneer on the market, we often get asked how long will my Natural Stone Veneer last? Unlike manufactured stone veneers, which often fade and degrade over time, one of the beautiful aspects of working with Natural Stone Veneer is that, with proper installation, it will easily last multiple generations.

This is of course self-evident by taking a walk down any street in Europe, but for those of us who are building and designing residential and commercial properties, we want to be certain that the choices we make today are enduring.

The more nuanced answer to how long will my Natural Stone Veneer Last is that the porosity and durability of the underlying natural stone do have an impact on how well that stone will hold up over time.

Very porous natural stone products, for example those made from poor quality slates, will not last very long in more demanding climates, like those in the Freeze/Thaw areas of the United States and Canada.

In those climates, you will have better long term results with stone veneers that are less porous and more dense.

There are advantages and disadvantages for every building material dependent on your individual application. Here, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of natural stone cladding to help you decide if it’s a suitable material for your project.

The natural, unrivalled beauty. Its extreme durability and long lifespan. The extensive range of stone types, colors and formats.