Neo Sans Pro Light

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The branding agency's client wanted an "ultra modern" typeface that was "futuristic without being gimmicky or ephemeral," according to the design brief.
Designer Sebastian Lester took on this intriguing custom font assignment, but soon, a bureaucratic decision cancelled the project.
"I was left with a sketchbook full of ideas and thought it would be a shame not to see what came of them," says Lester.
He decided to finish the design on his own.
Lester's research confirmed that the principal ingredient of an "ultra modern" typeface was simplicity of character structure: a carefully drawn, monoline form, open letter shapes and smooth, strong curves.
To conceive a typeface that crossed the line from modern to futuristic, Lester decided to amplify these qualities.About a year after Lester's initial conceptual work, two highly functional and versatile typefaces emerged.
These are Neo Sans and Neo Tech, designs Lester describes as "legible without being neutral, nuanced without being fussy, and expressive without being distracting.
"Both the Neo Sans and the more-minimalist Neo Tech families are available in six weights, ranging from Light to Ultra. Each has a companion italic, and Neo Tech offers a suite of alternate characters. While engineered to look modern as tomorrow, Neo Sans and Neo Tech display the functional and aesthetic excellence that earns them a place in the list of classic designs from the Monotype typeface library. Detroit Metro - Detroit Metro® is a 1930's urban classic revival of 12 fonts from Metro light to rough together with the classic Regular styles and weights offering designers a wider range of options. Opera Signature is an elegant font duo that includes both a serif and a script font. Vermouth is a new Layered font family inspired by Italian signs of the 60s.You can create awesome colorful display text overlapping some styles. Sugar Cake is a stunning handwritten font duo with hand-drawn illustrations.

Bank Gothic is a very popular choice as a titling face for science fiction books, posters and countless television and movie titles.

It is also a popular typeface for use in computer games and digital graphics. Some sort of real description here to explain the options below.

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