Neptune Water Meters Problems

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Problem: My probe(s) does/do not appear to be reading accurately. Place the probes in the calibration solution. If they do not read correctly, then attempt to recalibrate the probes. If you still continue to have trouble, then contact Neptune Systems. If the probes reads correctly in the calibration solution, then place them in a cup of water outside the tank. Do they read differently or the same? If they read differently, then likely a piece of aquarium equipment is leaking stray voltage in the take. Turn devices off one by one to determine which device. Look into replacing/repairing that device or a grounding probe. If the probe reads correctly in the calibration solution and the same in a cup of water as the tank, then turn off all of your aquarium equipment one by one. Does turning off an item cause the value to change in the cup of water? If so, then likely the probe is experiencing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from that device. The probe and the device should be moved as far from each-other as possible, and/or look into methods for RF Shielding. If the probe reads correctly in the calibration solution, and turning device turning on/off has no affect on the probe measurement, then likely the probe is reading correctly. Neptune water meter is one of the best water meters you will find in the market, but still, some of us might experience some issues with the meter. Fixing a water meter is not an easy task. You will have to find the proper reason behind the issues before going for the repair. So, if you’re wondering how to fix Neptune water meter problems, this article might be able to help you. Though Neptune Technology group has the best-featured water meter with their innovative technology in roll, some of us might face a few issues with their products. Such issues are very rare, and almost every customer says they are happy with their Neptune water meter. However, we can’t ignore the possible reasons for any problem you might come to see and should have a little knowledge about it. If you’re someone who is already facing issues with your Neptune water meter, this is for you –. Long Term Usage . It is quite obvious that an old water meter can not provide the ultimate accuracy. So if your water meter is not showing the accurate result, causes a leak or so, and has been in use for multiple decades, maybe it is time for you to buy a new water meter and replace the old one.