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Bible-Discovery is a Bible study software. Download Windows/Linux/Mac version. Download Android version. Download iPhone/iPad version. After downloading the software more than 150 Bible translations and 40 dictionaries can help you to study the Word. Screenshots are available, created during the software use: Screenshots here. Download the free application NKJV Audio Bible – New version of King James software for PC with the most powerful and reliable Android emulator like NOX APK Player or BlueStacks. All Android emulators are complete to use NKJV Audio Bible Free App – New Version of King James on Windows 10, 8, 7, Computer and Mac.

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Added: June 11, 2006 Visits: 5.060

SwordSearcher - Powerful Bible study application, featuring numerous resources and unique features - far more than just an electronic concordance. Resources include several commentaries, dictionaries, maps, illustrations, and topical guides. Features powerful searching and many useful time-saving...

Platforms: Windows
License: SharewareCost: $39.95 USDSize: 10.76 MBDownload (270): SwordSearcher Bible Software Download

Added: January 07, 2006 Visits: 3.511

Hangman Bible is a religious take on the classic hangman word-guessing game. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, and word categories such as Apostles, Bible Stories, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Christmas, Jewish Months, Popes, Prophets in the...

Platforms: Windows
License: SharewareCost: $25.00 USDSize: 851 KBDownload (205): Hangman Bible for Windows Download

Released: July 22, 2010 Added: July 24, 2010 Visits: 6.376

Daily Bible and Prayer features Bible reading plans, daily devotional, and prayer tracker. The Bible reading plan will get you through the Bible in a year with two different methods, and allows you to create custom reading plans for any amount of Scripture and time. Daily Bible and Prayer will...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $14.95 USDSize: 2.76 MBDownload (255): Daily Bible and Prayer Download

Added: January 10, 2006 Visits: 2.531

ABC Amber CSV Converter was developed to help you convert your CSV (comma-separated or fixed) files to any format you wish (DBF, XLS, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages....
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $19.95 USDSize: 1.23 MBDownload (283): ABC Amber CSV Converter Download

Added: January 13, 2006 Visits: 2.542

This program is intended for filtration CSV-files. CSV-format is a simple text format, where each line - Row and Columns - is devided with comas. Many different programs such as Excel, Access use this format. Many programs use this format for Log-files.But these files often content a lot of...
Platforms: Windows, Windows CE

License: FreewareSize: 248 KBDownload (223): CSV Filter Download

Added: November 14, 2006 Visits: 7.605

BerBible is dramatically simplified freeware oriented to non-techies (such as children, missionaries, seniors, etc.) The learning curve is almost trivial because the user interface includes only the bare essentials: go directly to a specific chapter search for...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 1020 KBDownload (194): Berean Bible Download

Released: September 08, 2003 Added: July 08, 2006 Visits: 8.279

The Free Spring (with Bible Verses) Screensaver by displays 45 beautiful and calming springtime images accompanied by Bible verses from the Authorized King James Bible as well as four CD-quality musical compositions by Cynthia Jordan. The following features are included in...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 10.73 MBDownload (246): Spring (with Bible Verses) Screensaver Download

Added: October 11, 2006 Visits: 3.416

King James Bible Download Free Install

An elegant, free, Bible tool for Baby Boomers who want a few big buttons, big text and easy to use features without clutter. Features include: Easy navigation, a search box that works just like Google, one click access to email, printing and a clean, uncluttered user experience. No previous Bible...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 5.72 MBDownload (256): Free Baby Boomer Bible Browser Download

Added: June 13, 2006 Visits: 3.576

A free Bible and InterFaith Explorer tool. Includes a very easy to use interface great for anyone wishing to quickly look up a passage in the Bible or work with InterFaith studies.
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 488 KBDownload (270): Free Bible InterFaith Explorer Download

Released: December 01, 2017 Added: January 17, 2018 Visits: 6.270

Advanced CSV Converter is a powerful and user-friendly application which allows you to convert any CSV files into a wide variety of other formats including XLS, XLSX, DBF, SQL, HTML, Fixed Text and various other common document and database formats. Ten output formats in total are supported. When...
Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7

License: SharewareCost: $39.95 USDSize: 4.69 MBDownload (673): Advanced CSV Converter Download

Released: December 09, 2006 Added: February 27, 2007 Visits: 2.487

This program converts any CSV file to an SQL file with INSERT statements or an HTML table/file. Fields are auto detected and you can specify their names. You can specify LOW_PRIORITY or HIGH_PRIORITY insert, and treat errors as warnings. The maximum field sizes are computed so you know how to...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $19.95 USDSize: 1.22 MBDownload (155): CSV Converter Download

Released: March 11, 2008 Added: March 18, 2008 Visits: 2.773

Editing delimited text files can be a painful and ugly experience with a standard text editor such as NotePad. Data can look scattered, almost random. Killink CSV gives you a clear view of your data through its spreadsheet editor designed specifically for delimited text files such as comma...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $27.00 USDSize: 4.06 MBDownload (341): Killink CSV Download

Released: May 13, 2010 Added: May 21, 2010 Visits: 3.846

The DBF to CSV program allows you to convert your dbf files to csv (comma-separated value) format. Generally, you can use any delimiter, such as TAB, semicolon etc. The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. You can run the program in a batch mode...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $29.95 USDSize: 1.16 MBDownload (174): DBF to CSV Download

Released: October 14, 2009 Added: October 19, 2009 Visits: 1.825

CSV to MSSQL is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from / to MS SQL to CSV or from CSV files to MSSQL. You can convert multiple files in one go from MSSQL to CSV or from CSV / Delimited files to MS SQL Server database. While converting you can map source table columns to matching destination table...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $99.00 USDSize: 2.82 MBDownload (108): CSV to MSSQL Loader Download

Released: October 14, 2009 Added: October 28, 2009 Visits: 3.098

CSV to MySQL is a tool to Convert, Migrate data to / from MySQL to CSV files or from CSV files to MySQL. You can convert multiple tables in one go from MySQL to CSV files / Delimited files or from CSV / Delimited files to MySQL database. While converting you can map source table columns to...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $99.00 USDSize: 2.82 MBDownload (97): CSV to MySQL Download

Released: October 14, 2009 Added: November 02, 2009 Visits: 1.468

CSV to Oracle is a tool to Convert, Migrate data to / from Oracle to CSV / Delimited files or from CSV to Oracle. You can convert multiple tables in one go from Oracle to CSV files / delimited files or from CSV / delimited files to Oracle database. While converting you can map source table...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $99.00 USDSize: 2.82 MBDownload (84): CSV to Oracle Download

Added: January 22, 2010 Visits: 1.209

XML::CSV is a Perl extension converting CSV files to XML. SYNOPSIS use XML::CSV; $csv_obj = XML::CSV->new(); $csv_obj = XML::CSV->new(%attr); $status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name); $status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name, %attr); $csv_obj->declare_xml(%attr);...
Platforms: *nix

License: FreewareSize: 7.17 KBDownload (124): XML::CSV Download

Added: February 11, 2010 Visits: 2.030

The Powered Access Bible is a tool to allow free and effective access to the Bible. This project is especially good at finding which verses contain a given word, and then easily reading those verses in full context. (This is a tool to find what the Bible says about something, and read it in...
Platforms: *nix

License: FreewareSize: 4.8 MBDownload (130): The Powered Access Bible Download

Added: May 06, 2010 Visits: 1.210

Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV is a Perl module to convert between Progect databases and CSV files. SYNOPSIS my $converter = Palm::Progect::Converter->new( format => CSV, # ... other args ... ); $converter->load_records(); # ... do stuff with records $converter->save_records(); This...
Platforms: *nix

License: FreewareSize: 40.96 KBDownload (113): Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV Download

Added: April 06, 2010 Visits: 808

Ricebridge CSV Manager project allows you to read and write CSV files from within your Java application. This component covers all sorts of boundary cases and bad data that youd rather not think about..
Platforms: *nix

License: SharewareCost: $47.00 USDSize: 143.36 KBDownload (93): Ricebridge CSV Manager Download

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Blue Letter Bible 2.21

Download Links:
Click the link below to download Blue Letter Bible

Short details of Blue Letter Bible:
Powerful Bible study tools linked to every verse in an easy-to-use, personalized Bible reader!
Dig deep into Gods word with over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, text and audio commentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, concordances, dictionaries, advanced word searches, and more. Customize...

Blue Letter Bible related software
Title / Version / DescriptionSizeLicensePrice
Bible Memory Verses & Memorization System by Scripture Typer 1.34.6 MBShareware $5.99
Scripture Typer is the complete Bible Memory System for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Scripture Typer breathes new life into your Bible Memory time by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic (Touch) memory. * Audio: Record verse audio and try to speak along with the playback * Visual: Review verses using Virtual Flash Cards & Draw Verse Illustrations * Touch: Type the first letter of each word in a verse...
Curious George's Dictionary 1.02285.0 MBShareware $1.99
National Parenting Publications Awards
The worlds most curious monkey investigates new words in this fully interactive picture dictionary for young children'/>2009 Nappa Gold Winner National Parenting Publications Awards The worlds most curious monkey investigates new words in this fully interactive picture dictionary for young children. Both entertaining and educationally sound, it features charming illustrations and reflects recent research in early childhood literacy. Children can navigate from A to Z with simple swipes and taps, through nearly six hundred words. Watch the demo video on...
Ace Bible 12.97.9 MBFreeware
With Ace Bible Explorer you can explore more than a 40 Bibles and commentaries with special Bible research tools, including dictionaries, thesauri, guides, queries, topic organizers, verse-by-verse comparing, a red-letter highlighter, a personal verse note taker, and planners. You can print, export, copy, or email any verse, description, or commentary. Ace Bible Explorer uses Strong's numbers/dictionary, Easton's Concordance, Matthew's...
GRE Red & Blue Bible MBShareware $13.88
'It's well know that evey Chinese high score GRE taker absolutely has read carefully and thoroughly the GRE Red Bible Book or GRE Blue Bible Book. Red Bible comes from the New Oriental School which is excellent at GRE & TOEFL test research and training and make ETS miff always. Blue Bible comes from, one of the most famous English learning communities.Now, GRE Red & Blue Bible comes from both GRE Red Bible & GRE Blue Bible...
God's Letter 1.111.8 MBFreeware
God's Letter is Letter consist of 57 sentences base on the Bible verses. It describes the relationship between God and human and God's Love to us through the death of of His be loved son -- Jesus Christ. Each verse goes with a selected backgroud picture corresponding to the content.It is a good evangelical application to share with people who you are about to share the gospel with. And you could easily share the favorite verses with friends...
Mantis HCSB Bible Study 4.9.1819.1 MBShareware $17.99
Requires iPhone OS3.0 or above. Mantis Bible Study: HCSB Edition (Holman Christian Standard Bible) Includes the full red-letter text of the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible), over 38,000 note and cross-reference entries with instant-preview, and full KJV text. Note: This is NOT the 'HCSB Study Bible' and does not contain study notes. The notes included here are mostly translators notes and cross references included in the normal HCSB...
Holy Bible KJV (King James Version) 8.012.0 MBShareware $0.99

Bible (in 10+ different languages)
Illustrated Bible Stories by Logan Marshall
Illustrated Bible Stories by Mary A'/>If you like our reader LoudReader, please go to APP store to search 'Loudreader' for many more great works: Bible (in 10+ different languages) Illustrated Bible Stories by Logan Marshall Illustrated Bible Stories by Mary A. Lathbury History of the United States 30 Politics and Economics books Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection This program contains King James Version (KJV) of Holy Bible. The formatting of the text layout can make a...
Mantis NIV Bible Study 4.9.1819.8 MBShareware $19.99
Requires iPhone OS3.0 or above. Mantis Bible Study: NIV Edition (New International Version) Includes the full red-letter text of the NIV (New International Version) Bible, over 55,000 note and cross-reference entries with instant-preview, and full KJV text. (This is NOT the NIV Study Bible. It does not contain NIV commentary, only the NIV text and NIV notes.) Now with immediate 'In App Purchase'. Over 150 resources are available for...
Holy Bible In Amharic 1.9158.0 MBShareware $1.99

' For I know the plans I have for you,' says the LORD' /> 'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the LORD. 'They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope' ( Jeremiah 29:11) We are happy to offer Holy Bible in Amharic for 50% discount. Get it today! Get the most popular Amharic Bible app in the Appstore for your iphone/ipod/ipad. What others are saying, ' The best Amharic app ever' '...
Ordnett - English Blue Dictionary - Lite 2.27.3 MBFreeware
This is a fully functional version, containing headwords starting with the letter a. 'English Blue Dictionary' is indisputably the largest and most advanced offline dictionary to and from English for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the Norwegian market. It contains translations of more than 100,000 English and Norwegian words and 70,000 phrases. It contains British English as well as American English. About 50,000 of the English words contain...
New downloads of Mobile, Reference
Title / Version / DescriptionSizeLicensePrice
LawLibe 3.01.4 MBFreeware
A law library on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This app comes preloaded with the U.S. Constitution. Then you can download additional legal content directly into the app, including the U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, State Statutes, the M.P.E.P., and more! Features: ¢ Fully offline just download and go! ¢ Download additional content directly into the app! ¢ Lightning-fast speed. ¢ Full-text search and in-text highlighting....
MIMA 2013 1.113.8 MBFreeware
The official app of the 2013 MIMA Summit. Navigate the list of sessions, key Summit event locations, and speakers to create your own day-of agenda.
Cocktail Party Beverage Calculator MBShareware $0.99
Hate planning parties and never know how much alcohol, beer and wine to purchase? Never make last minute runs to the store. This app will help you enjoy your event without the worries of running out or buying too much!! Industry average estimates that each guest may consume 1 drink per 1.5 hours throughout the duration of the event. Taking the guess work out the equation, this app automatically calculates the amount of alcohol to purchase...
Guide for Slice It 1.014.5 MBShareware $0.99
All Themes!!! All solutions!!! Everything is here!!!! Step by step solution instructions!!! *Free updates keep coming! *Original content and graphics. *No internet connection needed! *Compatible with iPod/iPod4,iPhone/iPhone4/iPad/iOS4 *Retina display supported Legal Notice / Disclaimer: This is an unofficial guide to Slice It. This unofficial guide was created by Appchik Ltd. Appchik Ltd is not endorsed by or affiliated with Com2us USA...
SPX Adviser 1.040.6 MBShareware $9.99
SPX Bolting Systems recognise that the many service organizations who operate their equipment need a software system to ensure that they consistently carry out their safe bolt working practice to the highest standards. The type of flange, lubricant and bolt material are amongst items taken into consideration in our software to ensure the operator is left in no doubt as to what is required.
Latest Reviews
SoftPerfect RAM Disk (Sean) - Jul 8, 2020
Superb disk utility for speeding up laptops and prolonging the life of their hdd.
StarCode Lite POS and Inventory Manager (Ed Martin) - Jan 21, 2019
I would say best inventory software for small shops or stores. Never found an app like this before. Thanks Download32
ConyEdit for Windows (reshim) - Dec 3, 2018
Programmers feel the comfort of coding using ConyEdit which is capable to edit codes in batch mode and supports most of programming language.
Disc Cover Studio (harish) - Dec 19, 2017
No need to go for a professional designer for the cover of new record, you can do it on your own sitting at home PC adding your own image on it with the Disc Cover Studio.
Kaspersky Security Scanner (Anthony) - Oct 12, 2017
Scans software to find whether it is harmful for computer and also checks for updates of security patches.
Comodo Firewall (Maxmuller) - Sep 19, 2017
This just another awesome product from Comodo to protect your computer from unwanted inbound or outbound traffic, also helps you analyze data packets.
TCP Splitter (Redrick) - Aug 10, 2017
This lets the data packets we send split into several packages which is convenient for many applications to receive those and process one after another.
Project Viewer Lite (Tensialar) - Jul 19, 2017
This is a light weight software for viewing MS project files easily without the MS project installed, all the personal who are involved in the project can view this with graphics and charts.
PDF Shaper Professional (Mortinus) - Jun 7, 2017
I had difficulties with the pdf documents which needed to be edited before presentation, then I got PDF Shaper which helped me to take the texts / images out and insert my own texts plus other images.
Hotelare (Nielsine) - May 15, 2017
You can enable your guests book any room instantly through your website, also receive the payments, other sections of your hotel can be also handled using the this software like restaurants, accounts, hr etc.
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