Nikon Coolpix Manual Download

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Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Key Features:

Trademark Information. For Your Safety. Table of Contents. About This Manual. Information and Precautions. Parts of the Camera. Attaching the Camera Strap. Basic Operations. The O (Shooting/Playback) Button. The D (Mode) Button. The Rotary Multi Selector. The COOL-STATION and AC Adapter. The COOL-STATION. Inserting the Battery.

Removing the Battery. Turning On and Off the Camera. Charging the Battery. Setting Display Language, Date, and Time. Inserting Memory Cards. Removing Memory Cards. Step 1 Turn the Camera On and Select L (Auto) Mode. Indicators Displayed in L (Auto) Mode. Step 2 Frame a Picture. Step 3 Focus and Shoot. During Recording. Step 4 Viewing and Deleting Pictures. Full-Frame Playback. Deleting Pictures. Viewing Pictures. Using the Flash. Taking Pictures with the Self-Timer.

Macro Close-Up Mode. High-Sensitivity Shooting Mode. Assist Modes and Scene Modes. Taking Pictures in Assist Modes.

B Portrait Assist. E Landscape Assist. P Sports Assist. D Night Portrait Assist.

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Free Download Nikon COOLPIX S6100 User Manual, User Guide, Owner's Manual, Operating Instructions in PDF file:

Taking Pictures in Scene Modes. Taking Pictures for a Panorama. Shooting in Anti-Shake Mode. Taking Pictures in the One-Touch Portrait Mode. The One-Touch Portrait Menu. Viewing Multiple Pictures: Thumbnail Playback. Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom.

Editing Pictures. Creating a Cropped Copy: Crop. Enhancing Brightness and Contrast: D-Lighting.

Free Download Nikon COOLPIX P1000 User Manual, User Guide, Owner's Manual, Operating Instructions in PDF file:


Nikon COOLPIX S6100 Key Features:

Compensating Blurred Images: Electronic VR. H Resizing Pictures: Small Picture.

Voice Memos: Recording and Playback.

Viewing Pictures By Date. Pictmotion By Muvee.

Shooting, Playback, and Setup Menus

Recording Movies. Selecting Movie Options. Time-Lapse Movies.

Related Owner's Manual, User Guide, Instruction Manual:

Anti-Shake Mode

Stop-Motion Movies. Auto-Focus Mode.

Deleting Movie Files.

Making Voice Recordings.

Changing the Sound Quality.

Playing Voice Recordings.

Copying Voice Recordings.

Connecting to a TV.

Connecting to a Computer.

Before Connecting the Camera.


Setting the USB Option. Transferring Pictures to a Computer. Connecting to a Printer.

Connecting the Camera and Printer.

Printing Pictures One at a Time.

Printing Multiple Pictures. Creating a DPOF Print Order: Print Set.

Connecting to a Imagelink-Compatible Printer.