Nikon Sb 800 For Sale

Posted on  by admin
I won't repeat what many other reviews have already said, other than the flash is great... its ueber powerful...great built in features...slave capable...and yes, you probably want to read the manual if you are not familar with how to use a powerful flash on flesh tones. I use this flash typically with bounce when in doors. It creates some great natural-looking lighting when the real thing is not available.
HOWEVER, on more than one occasion I have used the 5th battery pack for faster recharge times during high usage events (think: awards banquet), only to find that after about 20 minutes my recharge time has slowed down anyways. I've then opened the battery compartment only to find that my Lithium Energizer batteries looked like they were about to explode from their contact ends! They were literally bubbled out. This has happened on more than one occasion using numerous different packs of batteries. So I have to assume that they weren't 'bad' batteries. Perhaps I received a faulty unit... but I figured it would be safer to send out a warning. Again, this has only happened when using the 5th battery pack...which is supposed to give the unit more voltage to allow it to recharge faster.