Nikon Sb 80dx Speedlight

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Nikon SB-80DX Speedlight SB80DX Flash Test Review
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This is obsolete as of 2004. It was Nikon's top flash when introduced in 2002, however it doesn't have the latest i-TTL system needed for optimum, or in some cases, any, operation with the D70, F6, D2H and D2x. On the other hand, it is perfect for any other film camera or older digital cameras like the D1X and D100. It won't work properly if at all on the D70; get the SB-600 or SB-800 instead today.

To use the SB-80DX on the D70 simply select the non-TTL "A" mode.

It replaced the similar SB-28 and SB-28DX.

The SB-80DX adds a built-in slave as compared to the SB-28 series. It's within 3% of the size, weight and power of the SB-28 series.

It works in TTL mode on the digital SLR cameras like the D100 and D1H.

If you want a full-sized flash today for a digital SLR get the SB-600 or SB-800. If you don't really need it's power use your built in flash, or for film cameras try a teeny one like the SB-22 or SB-23 or SB-50DX.

For every other film camera any of the Nikon flashes work perfectly so you won't need this one unless you want a big, expensive flash. The small SB-23 gives the same quality photos for less than 1/3 the price unless you need to bounce, and if you need to bounce, the SB-22 works fine. No one really uses the other trick modes you read about in the product brochures.

The reason knowledgeable photogs use big flashes is to get the power to shoot from 50 feet away with slow film, or bounce off the ceiling with power to spare. If you don't need the oomph then you don't need this flash.

Here's a great article about it at Nikon's site.


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