Nikon Sb 900 Af Speedlight

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First, let's focus on the most important. The flash has a lot of features, but nothing, let me repeat, nothing is more important than the raw power it can produce. If you were to ask a single question about a flash - ask about the guide number. The higher it is, the more options you have. You can reach objects far away, can bounce flash off the walls, put some filters - a lot of things you just can't do at all if your flash is not powerful enough. So if you look at the Nikon line, the SB-900 has this advantage.
Second, if you look that the DSLR bodies, there is a lot of progress there and in a couple years you can get a much better body for the same price. The lenses and flashes on the other side are not changing that much and hold value over many years. So if you have a choice it's a good idea to get the best lense and flash you can afford so they can last forever and upgrade the cheaper bodies time to time.
So these are two big reasons to buy SB-900.
Now let's think why would you not buy this flash.
If you read the reviews below, there is a lot of arguing about which batteries to use and the thermal shut off. You know, yes, they all have their points but in most of the real life situations all those concerns a way beyond reasonable.
What else is not good about this flash? Well, the noise. If you have a zoom lense, every time you zoom in or out, the flash will adjust the mirrors to provide good coverage and that's causing some noise. It's ok outdoors or at a party, but if you try to take pictures at a concert, that could be distracting. (Yes, you can lock the mirrors in a wide position and give plenty of raw power you should get by without moving those mirrors in most case)
Well, the menu and the controls could be easier to operate but that's not a deal breaker. And, of course, the price. It's quite expensive.
So overall, this is really an amazing flash. Because it's so powerful, it can light up a huge areas or using filters or bouncing it can create some very nice lighting effects which you just can't do with a smaller flash, so if you can afford it - it's not a bad flash at all.