Nikon Sb 910 Speedlight

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Welcome to a review of the Nikon SB-910 flash.

This flash unit used to be the top of the cream Nikon flash, but it has since been taken over – Is it still worth the money to get one of these “old top quality flashes”?

Now, I have personally been a long time Nikon user, and the SB-910 is actually one of my earliest buys… But I have to honestly say this – I regretted buying this gadget, and I have no love for Nikon flashes ever since.

Read on to find out why. The Nikon SB910 comes in the usual “standard gold-black Nikon box”. Nothing outstanding, but the stuff inside makes up for the lack of “wow”. The Nikon SB910 flash package comes with:. Warm and cold correction gels. A carrying case (not in the photo as I lost it). First off, I have to give Nikon some credits for coming up with this “complete package”.



But while it does seem to be a good deal at the first impression, I have paid nearly $500 back then… Is it really worth this much money? Just hop onto eBay or Amazon, and you will find that these diffuser caps and correction gels are only worth a couple of dollars.


Nothing within this package really summed up to the $500 for me, and I really cannot commend it any further – Given the price, Nikon could have better value-added with a snoot, more color gels, and a dome diffuser.


All right, let us now take a closer look at the Nikon SB-910, the once crowned king of flash… At least within the Nikon range itself. There is nothing much in front of the flash unit, just the usual AF assist illumination light.


  • The back holds a complicated control panel, and it is not easy to figure out without the instruction manual nor watching a YouTube video.
  • Nothing interesting on both sides too, just the battery compartment – Takes 4 AA batteries.
  • Power zoom function with which the SB-910 automatically adjusts the zoom head position to match lens focal length

    FX format, Standard illumination pattern : 17–200 mm (14 mm with the built-in wide panel in place)

    DX format, Standard illumination pattern : 12–200 mm (10 mm with the built-in wide panel in place)

  • But know that the head rotates around 180° and is able to tilt from -7° to 90°. The flash also comes with a built-in bounce card and wide-angle diffuser… All of these made in Japan, if it matters to you.

The Nikon SB-910 is solid plastic all around.

The build quality actually feels pretty good and definitely does not have that “cheap plastic” written all over… But just after a year of usage, problems with this “top quality” flash start to show up bit-by-bit.

More on that below. The SB910 was good while it worked… But just like other “disposable electronics”, it went bad after the warranty period and went straight downhill.