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Modified2 months ago. How can I make an HTTP request from within Node.js or Express.js? I need to connect to another service. I am hoping the call is asynchronous and that the callback contains the remote server's response.

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It's asynchronous and returns a JSON object. It can do any form of GET request. Note that there are more optimal ways (just a sample) - for example, instead of concatenating the chunks you put into an array and join it etc..

Node.js – Get Requests

Hopefully, it gets you started in the right direction:.

It's called by creating an options object like:. And providing a callback function. For example, in a service, I require the REST module above and then do this:.

If you're looking for async/await (linear, no callback), promises, compile time support and intellisense, we created a lightweight HTTP and REST client that fits that bill:.

99 gold badges8686 silver badges9595 bronze badges. 9595 bronze badges. Try using the simple http.get(options, callback) function in node.js:.

There is also a general http.request(options, callback) function which allows you to specify the request method and other request details.

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