Node Js Application Example

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Node.js is used for back-end development with JavaScript. Web developers as of late having been optimizing their tech stack by implementing this far-reaching technology. Every competent web developer knows that they need a solid grasp of JavaScript in order to build any modern web application or website.

After all, JavaScript is the premier programming language for front-end web development; or rather, it is the only language.

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But with so many tools available to manipulate and enhance theuse of JavaScript, just knowing the programming language you’re going to use for your next software project isn’t enough. As an illustration, flocks ofJavaScript developers have been opting to use Node.js as a back-end technology.

In fact, as of a2020 Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Node.js is in the top ten of most loved languages or technologies among developers. Node.js is versatile. Among the many uses of the software, you will learn about four applications of Node.js:.

Collaborative Tools. Streaming Services. Take a closer look at several Node.js examples explaining precisely when and where to use this JavaScript-based tool.