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7. Email Sender

Fast, simple, easy, powerful, and flexible - these are the words developers use to describe Node.js apps. This technology is internationally popular because it can solve both current and predicted business and user needs.

That is why world-leading companies are using Node.js - and you also have a chance to develop a market-dominating project with its help. In this article, we have collected a list of the most prominent apps powered by Node.js and described what business problems can be solved with its help.

One of the main features of Node.js is its event-driven approach.

  • The growing popularity of interactive applications, social networks, and teamwork solutions led to the growing popularity of Node.js.
  • Here is what you can create with it.
  • The single-page app (SPA) is a lightweight web application that consists of one page only.
  • For example, Gmail or Twitter are SPAs. All the content is downloaded upon initial load, that's why it takes a bit longer than usual.

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However, this enables the app to respond instantly to all user actions - there's no more need to connect to the server. This is how Gmail and Twitter work. Single-page applications adjust to any platform and any screen size. Besides, they can also work offline. SPAs are usually running on JavaScript: Angular, React, or Vue framework on frontend and Node.js on backend.

The essence of real-time applications is clear from the name - this is an application that instantly responds to a user action, for example, chats or games. Node.js is scalable, and it allows handling a large number of real-time users. The main advantage of Node.js is its asynchrony, combined with an event approach. The ability to perform several requests simultaneously makes Node.js a perfect choice for real-time apps.

8. To-Do list

7. Gaming

  • Why are IoT applications so special?
  • Due to a huge amount of data constantly generated by connected sensors, engines, cameras, such an application should be able to process and store.
  • Node.js is suitable for you most likely think of Netflix.
  • This company went from a DVD shop to the world's largest streaming service and its own production.


  • How do they serve millions of users simultaneously? With a sleek combination of Java and Node.js on the backend.
  • All APIs for different platforms (including iOS and Android, desktop operating systems, and various TV platforms) were previously run by a monolith Groovy app.
  • Node.js enabled to build restify instances and run them in separate Docker containers.

1. Portfolio App

  • As a result, the apps are faster and more scalable with better versioning.
  • The development time was also greatly reduced. PayPal's journey to Node.js started with an experiment: two backend teams had to develop the same app prototype.
  • The Java team consisted of 5 developers, whereas in the team Node.js were only two developers. Surprisingly, the Node team outplayed the competitor and has proven that this technology enables faster development.
  • This is how Node.js became a part of PayPal's core stack.
  • As a result, PayPal is capable of processing twice as many user requests per second, and the response from the page has 34% faster, which is 200 ms on average.
  • PayPal payment system is also on the list of the most used financial applications for iPhone, and at the moment, it serves 286 million financial accounts worldwide.

6. Email Sender


The great potential of technology does not mean that only giant corporations can use it for development. What is more, startups often hire Node.js development company to build a scalable application in short terms.

Main types of apps to build with Node.js

This technology is also perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. And here is a Node.js app example created by our team.

This platform began as software that connects waste truck drivers and dispatchers.

  • At the moment, this is a multifunctional mobile application that can be used by any company that coordinates transport and people.
  • This is exactly the case when an application benefits from several Node.js benefits at once.
  • Real-time changes.
  • Before application development, drivers and dispatchers used phone calls or face-to-face meetings for communication.

Node.js Examples

This reduced efficiency and increased the likelihood of mistakes. With the fleet management app, all the procedures are automated: drivers get instant notifications when dispatchers make changes to order status, and all work processes are easily tracked.

This is a problem similar to that of Groupon or PayPal - and Node.js brought a perfect solution. In our app, we managed to reduce the load time from 5 to 1.5 seconds.

Technical Reasons Why Startups Choose Node.js

We have already discussed the most prominent Node.js app examples and showed that this technology is able to solve various business tasks - from development time reduction to improved user experience.

How to learn NodeJs?

However, there are some more reasons to choose it. Node.js is just the case when you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

NodeJS Projects for Beginners

  • Consequently, it increases development speed, and less code needs to be created.
  • What is more, the Node.js web application development cycle can be optimized even better with the help of tools and technologies available inside the Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • PayPal and Netflix use this approach.
  • Node.js is perfectly suitable for microservices architecture development because it perfectly fits the event-driven I/O model.

What are the challenges with NodeJS?

Read also:Monolithic vs. Microservices - the choice that defines the whole development process.

  • In practice, this means that each user request is addressed to a certain part of an app and gets a response directly from it.
  • When compared to its closes rival Java, Node.js as a core backend technology has clear benefits:.
  • Twice less time needed to develop the same amount of functionality.

9. Basic Users System

33% fewer lines of code needed. 40% fewer files. Node.js is capable of giving you more than you expect. If you are planning to create an interactive application that could potentially have a broad target audience, a large number of queries, and dynamic data, then Node.js would be the right choice.

Node.JS is a part of the famous MEAN stack used for web development purposes. An open-sourced server environment, Node is written on JavaScript and helps developers generate dynamically populated web pages and even communicate to the database and make any changes if required. Node.JS is extremely fast, scalable, and lightweight – making it the perfect backend technology for today’s use cases. Its efficiency can be attributed to the frameworks’ non-blocking I/O characteristics, which makes it easily handle>GET – fetches the book details from the directory.

5. Web Security

This can include all the books or specific books by ID. POST – adds a new book to the directory of books. PUT – updates any existing book in the directory. DELETE – delete any existing book from the directory. Node.JS is perfect for developing real-time messenger applications.

Everything from sending messages to displaying them to noting the timestamps and displaying receipts can be seamlessly handled using the Node.JS framework – and all of this without the user having to refresh the page.

If you’ve used any chat platform – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram – you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The powerful Event API present in Node.JS emits “listener” events that are emitted by event handlers.

Because of this powerful functionality, Node makes it easier to implement push notifications and server-side events in IM and other real-time chats. This is yet another easy project that is excellent for getting real-life experience of working with Node.JS.

Despite being basic, the project will help you practice some essential skills that will definitely come in handy throughout your career.

4. Video Streaming Platform

While building a basic user system, you’ll explore concepts like – setting up databases, performing migrations, adding new users, building login endpoints, authenticating users, getting the users’ data, and more.

Tip: Try to generate a JWT token for the user that the API will return in case of login and registrations. You must also remember to hash the password before you save it in your database.

Think of single-page applications like desktop applications instead of static web pages. Using Node.JS, you’ll be able to add a lot of dynamicity and smoothness to your single-page application, thereby replicating the feel of a proper desktop application.

What is NodeJs?

Single-page applications are extremely useful in the industry and are utilized for creating social networking platforms. GitHub, Twitter, Gmail are all examples of single-page applications.

As we mentioned earlier, Node.JS handles heavy I/O workloads and asynchronous calls in a highly streamlined manner, thereby making it easier for developers to create complex single-page applications. This idea is like the real-time chat application, but with a few extra steps. A real-time collaboration application should provide features like audio and video conferencing, document sharing, project management, and collaborative working on different documents.

Think of Trello, Slack, and Google Docs – that is what we mean by real-time collaboration applications. The event-based and asynchronous architecture offered by Node.JS is ideally suited for building such collaboration apps.

3. Chat App

In any real-time collaboration application, many I/O requests and events are happening concurrently. With Node.JS, all these events are handled seamlessly without stressing the server even a bit.

This is the reason why famous real-time collaboration apps like Trello use the Node.JS framework to manage their backend. Node.JS comes with a variety of language processing packages, like Node-Natural Language Processing and many more.

  • As a result, it’s the perfect framework for you if you’re interested in applying computational methods to analyze speech and natural language processing.
  • You can build a voice-to-text application, an autocomplete application, or a simple subtitling application capable of listening to the audio and converting it into natural language text.
  • The last idea in our list of Node.JS project topics is an email sender.
  • Using Node.JS, you can create an application to send across emails.
  • In doing so, you’ll be familiarizing yourself with the process of sending emails using Node.JS as the medium, and that’s an instrumental skill that’ll come in handy for any complex application you create in the future.
  • For this project, you can explore the Nodemailer plugin for sending emails.

Additional Resources

This is a very well-documented plugin that is easy to use and understand. You can also add a basic frontend to your application by using HTML and CSS, but Node.JS will handle the backend part of it.

Learn Software Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs, or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. Working with Node.JS is both fascinating and rewarding.

When you apply your theoretical knowledge to building applications and projects, you’ll develop a more profound understanding of the framework.

Also, having a few real-world projects under your belt can always spice up your resume! If you’re interested to learn more about Node js Project, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s Executive PG Program in Full-stack Software Development which is designed for working professionals and offers 500+ hours of rigorous training, 9+ projects and assignments, IIIT-B Alumni status, practical hands-on capstone projects & job assistance with top firms.

NodeJS Example – SELECT FROM Table

  • We hope this list of project topics and ideas was helpful to you.
  • If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!
  • Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript.

Best Node JS Project Ideas and Topics

The Node.js ecosystem is huge. Apart from the Node.js core, it offers NPM as the package manager for node packages, along with several supporting frameworks. NodeJs is an open-source JavaScript framework built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily creating fast, scalable network applications.

NodeJs uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. Start off with the basic, and then move on to the more complex concepts. Take help of the NodeJs tutorials and NodeJs articles available on the internet. If you find something confusing, then ask someone who has a sound knowledge of NodeJs.

Node.js Example – Read a File

  • The challenges with NodeJS are as follows: The biggest challenge that I have found with NodeJS is that it has a steep learning curve to overcome.
  • The second biggest challenge has been with the tooling.
  • Although the community is working hard to improve the tooling, it is still playing catch-up with other more mature ecosystems.
  • The third biggest challenge has been with the JavaScript ecosystem itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many tools that are written in JavaScript that run on the server and unfortunately many of those tools are poorly written. Get Placed at Top Product Companies with Scaler.

Industry Vetted CurriculumLive Classes by Industry Experts1:1 Mentorship with Experts Career Support. Book A 1:1 Session With Our Counsellers For Free→ . Book A 1:1 Session With Our Counsellers For Free→ Powered by . We all have heard of Javascript- a dominant client-side programming language that is used by 97.8% of all websites.

But what about server-side programming? Let me introduce you to Node.js. But what exactly is node.js? Node.js is an open-source runtime environment for javascript. It is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js can run on different platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, and mobile platforms and is agnostic of the underlying OS.

2. Books Directory

It allows programs written in JavaScript to be executed on the server. According to its official definition–. “Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that runs on Chrome’s V8 engine.”. In simpler words, Node.js allows developers to run javascript on the back-end.

Node.js is also a part of the famous MEAN and MERN stack. And according to StackOverflow’s 2021 developer survey, Node.js is the 6th most popular technology among programmers.

Besides the Javascript knowledge, understanding of databases, familiarity with HTML5, CSS3, and RESTful API will be greatly advantageous while working with Node.js.

Here is the exciting news for you developers: There are thousands of libraries created upon Node.js like:. And the list goes on.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to learn all. You can choose the right framework according to the requirements of your project.

6. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

But certainly, learning these frameworks will make the development process faster and easier for you. However, there is a widely spread misconception that Node.js is a framework.

It is a runtime environment that executes Javascript out of the browser. But why Node.js? Why you should choose Node.js for your next project? Well, you can check its benefits and decide whether you want to go with it or not. The primary advantage of using node.js is that you can use javascript in both frontend and backend. And it’s easier to keep them in sync because a single language is used on both sides of applications.

Due to its event-based nature, Node.js is highly efficient for real-time applications that demand continual data updates.

NodeJS Example – INSERT entries INTO Table

Moreover, the non-blocking input-output model helps to solve the performance issues. Node.js is widely used to make scalable and lightweight web applications. Node.js is renowned for its massive community which continuously contributes to its improvement.

Due to node modules, it became easier for developers to use prebuild modules and reuse code. No doubt, why many famous companies like Netflix, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn use Node.js. Also, you will be stunned to know that after deploying Node.js, PayPal saw a 35% decrease in average response time on its page. If you are new to Node.js and want to expand your skillset from HTML, Javascript, CSS to beyond, you can start with these beginner-friendly projects.

So get ready to build your first Node. Technology stack: Node.js, WebSockets, and You need to create an app where multiple users can chat together and messages get updated without refreshing the page.

Yes, it’s as simple as that! These kinds of applications include two parts- Server and client. Both can share data in WebSockets.

2. Real-time chat apps

You can later expand your chat application by adding the following features-. Offline/online label . Moreover, you can take inspiration from the features of some popular chat applications like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Bonus tip: You are surfing through a website and suddenly a message pops up “Welcome! What can I help you with today”. You must have come across something like this the other day. But guess what?

  • You can also create such a chatbot using Node.js.
  • Source code: Chat application. Technology stack: Node.js, Express,
  • While playing games on PC or mobile, this thought must have crossed your mind:.

“How can I create the one?”. Well, now you can!

If you want to build something interesting while having fun, this project is just perfect for you. Battleship is a multiplayer game in which a few ships are randomly arranged in a grid.

Node.js Example – Parse JSON File

And then a player tries to shoot at the opponent’s grid. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing player’s all ships. You can start with single-player game logic and then turn it into a multiplayer game.

And finally, you can style it with advanced CSS. Just like the former project we can use WebSocket to establish a real-time conversation between client and server.

Well, later on, you can also sell this game and earn some cash. Bonus tip: Try styling your game with animation. Source code: Battleship. Technology Stack: Node.js, Nodemailer plugin. Have you ever wondered how you receive the ‘Welcome Email’ when you sign in to any new application?

It’s because of the email sender. Not just that, even emails that you receive during password reset or user verification process, are sent using Node.js.

Node.js Example – UPDATE Table Entries

  • And guess what, you can also build your email sender using Node.js.
  • Using Node.JS you can create an application that will allow users to send and schedule emails. This is a great node.js project for beginners.
  • Bonus tip: You should explore the Nodemailer plugin — a Node.js module that allows users to send emails through their servers.

It offers different features like adding HTML in the mail. Source code: Email sender.

Node.js Example – Parse URL Parameters

Technology Stack: Node.js, discord.js. If you are just getting started with Node.js, this project can be really useful for you. It will not take much time for you to complete this project. So why don’t you create a discord bot this weekend?

The user will send a command with an argument and your discord bot will turn it into a QR code. Here are the required features that you need to add to your discord bot:. It should be able to receive command arguments. It can convert the received argument into a QR code using third-party API. It can send back the generated QR code to the user. Users should be allowed to adjust the size of the QR codes.

Node.js Example – DELETE Table Entries

  • Bonus tip: To generate a QR code try using google’s free API.
  • Source code: Discord bot. Once you are done with the beginner-friendly projects and have set your base in Node.js, you can further polish your skills with these intermediate projects.
  • So go ahead and pick your favorite project.
  • Technology stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Amazon web services (Cloud Services).
  • It’s time to code a website with a pinch of creativity.
  • You must have guessed through the title what I am talking about.
  • We all have enjoyed the changing “lock screen wallpaper” of our mobile phones.
  • And through this project, we are going to design something like that only.

At the end of this project, you will create a web application that will change its design regularly.


While working on this project, you will also get a chance to work with AWS. And all the required services are available in AWS free tier. You should add the following features to your website- .

A timer that shows when the design will change next. The design of the website should be updated every hour. Focus on the javascript part so the website remains functional and dynamic.


Bonus tip: You can use AmazonCloudWatch and AWS Lambda to update the CSS style sheet. Moreover, you can host your website on AmazonS3. Source code: “Generate random design”. Technology stack: React, HTML, CSS (for frontend), MySQL (for the database), java, node.js, Vue.

Node.js Example – Create a File

In today’s fast-paced world irregular sleeping habits is a common problem that is affecting health negatively. Well, wouldn’t it be great, if you can track your sleeping patterns in an app designed and coded by you?

Node.js Example 1 – Simple Node.js Example

The final product of this project should allow you to upload, edit and delete sleep entries. This app should have a good user interface and a reliable database. Create a web app to track sleep with the following features- .

Single-page applications

Sign up Page using google or Facebook libraries. “Login” option so users can access their accounts. While making a new sleep entry the user should be able to select the date, sleep time, wake up time, and total sleep duration of a day.

Node.js Example – Create HTTP Web Server

Delete and edit buttons. You can also use graph libraries to visualize the data. There should be an option to keep an eye on average sleep duration, average sleeping time, and wake-up time of the entire week. Bonus tip: You can also create an expense tracker, weight tracker, pizza order tracker app along the same lines. Source code: Sleep tracker app. Technology stack: Node.js, database management, Twitter RESTful API, npm module.

Node.js Example – Using Result Object

We have already discussed the discord bot. And in this project, you will practice making a Twitter bot that will perform a specific task. Just imagine you are in love with a certain hashtag on Twitter like “#WorkFromHome”. Now can build a Twitter bot that will track this specific hashtag and like and retweet every post containing the “WorkFromHome” hashtag.

This project is an ideal opportunity to dip your toes into API.

Node.js application for IoT devices

Generate Now

    3. Basic Users System

    Node.js Example – Delete a File

    This project is a simple node.js application that interacts with Twitter API.

    NodeJS Example – ORDER entries BY a column

    Bonus Tip: You can access Twitter API by applying at

    Node.js Example – Create a Module

    Source code: Twitter bot. As of now, you have gained knowledge about node.js core concepts, it’s time to level up yourself and try your hand at advanced-level projects.