Node React Example

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A React frontend connected to a Node backend is a rock-solid combination for any application you want to build. This guide is designed to help you create full-stack projects with React as easily as possible.

Let's see how to set up an entire project using React and Node from scratch and deploy it to the web.

React, Node.js Express, MySQL Architecture

  • Make sure Node and NPM are installed on your computer.
  • You can download both at (NPM is included in your Node installation).
  • Use a code editor of your choice.
  • I am using and would personally recommend using VSCode.
  • You can download VSCode at Make sure you have Git installed on your computer.
  • This is necessary for deploying our application with Heroku.
  • You can get it at An account at We will use Heroku to publish our app to the web entirely for free.

Source Code

  • First create a folder for your project, called react-node-app (for example). Then, drag that folder into your code editor.