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Frequently Asked Questions

We are finishing up our series of articles on the best open source projects for web development. If you haven’t seen our past articles about Vue, React, Angular, Node.js – they’re strongly recommended.

Here’s what this last one is about: projects we included in our collection, criteria we grouped them by, and how to choose an open source project in order to make a contribution to it.

Technical Reasons Why Startups Choose Node.js

Note that under open source projects we assume the following:.

Tools that can be used in Node.js;.

Node.js server applications;.

Bonus: Creating an App of your own with Flatlogic

Fullstack applications (Vue, React, Angular etc. on the front-end and Node.js on backend) which use Node.js on the server side. Node js is a cross-platform, open source runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of the browser.

Main types of apps to build with Node.js

It is event-driven and works on a non-blocking I/O model, making it lightweight and efficient for building web applications.

Node js is just another way to run code on your computer, being just the environment for running JavaScript.

With Node.js, you can run your code simultaneously on both the client and the server side, speeding up the whole process of development.

Criteria for choosing a Node.js open-source project to contribute to

Node js’ rising popularity has also produced a wave of open source projects and tools to help developers work with the environment.

What are the challenges with NodeJS?

A part of our admin templates has an integrated Node.js backend (you can start getting to know our products with an angular dashboard).

Uses JavaScript, which is easy to learn;. Shares the same codebase with both server and client side;.

It has seamless JSON support;.

Reasons to use Node js in projects

Node.js has active community, with lots of code examples. It is very to hard to deal with relational databases when you use Node.js;.

Performance bottlenecks with heavy computation tasks.

Additional Resources

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Best node js open source projects

You can build very fast useful tools like chats, fileuploads etc;. Non-blocking code.

This approach helps the application not to pause or sleep, but to become available for other requests;.


Fast processing. Node uses V8 JavaScript Runtime engine, the one which Google Chrome uses, and – believe us – it is very fast;.

One environment; . A great number of tools that can help in everyday development – CMS, chats, spreadsheets, form validation and other libraries;.

Larger community that can provide support for free or on a commercial basis.

How to learn NodeJs?

This is the most valuable criteria (joking!).

Pros and Cons of Node js

Obviously, just because the repo is popular/widely used, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be useful to contribute.

What is Node js?

Still a good sign, though. Documentation is probably one of the most important things to look for when you’re assessing a project.

What is NodeJs?

Docs are like entry points to the project. Good documentation will usually include:.

A file in the root of the project.

Best Node JS Project Ideas and Topics


This should have the public API/functions listed, as well as what they do and how to use;.

Faster development process

Examples in the documentation or a separate folder containing multiple examples;.

Contribution guide;.

You should look at the recent issues and bugs, how they’re organized. By checking these items you can know if the project is still maintained.