Non Resettable Hour Meter

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ENM’s Series T55 electro-mechanical hour meter is a new design which incorporates the great accuracy found in our other products. The T55 series are available in either reset or non-resettable version.

The meter can be used for indication of machine runtime or time between service for maintenance purposes.

The T55 series is durable and can operate over a wide range of temperature. Recorded data will be retained if power is lost.


  • mainFILTERFILTERSort bySort by:content loadedThe UWZ48 Surface Mount Hour Meter uses a plug-in base where terminal protection is not necessary.
  • The socket base is easy to install and connect.
  • Simply plug the meter into the base and secure with a screw.The FWZ Series AC Hour Meters are flush panel mountable designed to fit into tight locations.
  • They are non-resettable and flush panel mounted with watertight/dust-tight sealed bezels designed to withstand IP54 environmental rating (with use of a gasket).
  • All models are black plastic (except FWZ72B which is blue-silver on colorless frosted polycarbonate)with white numerals on a black background.
  • Tenths and hundredths numerals are yellow.Flush mounted with bracket, the UWZ48E unit fits into a 1.79" x 1.79" (45.5 x 45.5 mm) cutout.
  • The thickness of the panel for flush mounting can be up to .35" (9 mm).