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I am trying to run simple vue project. However, somehow I am not able to run it on my openSUSE TW (20200615) system.

I am using NVM for my node installation. Following is my environment. I am following typical hello world tutorial.

I am getting following error.


Trying to use root account as suggested here. I have even tried installing node globally and perform this action, but still same error.

I have tried to change permission of all node_module files to 777 and run.

After trying all of these since last 2 hours, I am still getting same error. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Here is the log file (2020-06-18T15_03_14_259Z-debug.log) if anyone wants it.

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4141 bronze badges. A simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects.

Prerequisites: Node.js (>=6.x, 8.x preferred), npm version 3+ and Git.

The purpose of official Vue project templates are to provide opinionated, battery-included development tooling setups so that users can get started with actual app code as fast as possible.

However, these templates are un-opinionated in terms of how you structure your app code and what libraries you use in addition to Vue.js.

All official project templates are repos in the vuejs-templates organization. When a new template is added to the organization, you will be able to run vue init to use that template.

You can also run vue list to see all available official templates.

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