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Babel preset for all React plugins.

See our website @babel/preset-react for more information or the issues associated with this package.

latest (4 months ago) . 7.0.0-beta.56.. 7.0.0-beta.55.. 7.0.0-beta.54..

7.0.0-beta.53.. 7.0.0-beta.52.. 7.0.0-beta.51..

7.0.0-beta.50.. 7.0.0-beta.49.. 7.0.0-beta.48.. 7.0.0-beta.47.. 7.0.0-beta.46..

7.0.0-beta.45.. 7.0.0-beta.44.. 7.0.0-beta.43.. 7.0.0-beta.42..


7.0.0-beta.40.. 7.0.0-beta.39.. 7.0.0-beta.38.. 7.0.0-beta.37.. 7.0.0-beta.36.. 7.0.0-beta.35.. 7.0.0-beta.34.. 7.0.0-beta.33..


7.0.0-beta.31.. 7.0.0-beta.5.. 7.0.0-beta.4.. This package includes the Babel preset used by Create React App.Please refer to its documentation:.

Shubham KhatriShubham Khatri

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