Nuxt Js Vs Vue Js

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What does Nuxt.js offer that Vue doesn’t?

I think even small projects can benefit from Nuxt, as nuxt.config.js is a much easier to work in than tweaking the Vue webpack settings. The Nuxt defaults are sensible. Personally, I think the Vue webpack settings are overly complicated, and would benefit from a structure more like the nuxt.config.js structure.

Why would you use Nuxt.js over Vue?

They kind of do that to an extent, but not very well. However, the counter argument is that Nuxt is yet another dependency, and will always be lagging behind Vue / Vuex / Vue router / etc. I also find that both the Vue and Nuxt teams are very dismissive / condescending of questions for help, or simply unresponsive.

I recently started working in Elixir and Phoenix, and it has been a breathe of fresh air for the maintainers not to make you feel like an imbecile because you didn't get the memo that critical architecture changed while you were sleeping, and broke all your code (meanwhile the docs are 4+ minor versions behind).

So, how does SEO improvement work?

Pre-release software is expected to be volatile, so take that with a grain of salt.. So my 2c are that I am very cautious about Nuxt, but also optimistic that it will become more pleasurable of an experience once the v1 dust settles. Vue.js is known for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It promotes “high decoupling” which allows developers to easily create user interfaces and rapid prototyping.

Nuxt.js is a framework built on top of Vue with the aim to make development easy and powerful. It focuses on the developer experience. Nuxt.js enables developers to build Server Side Rendered applications in which a Node.js server will deliver HTML to the client based on your Vue components (rather than running JavaScript on the client side).

This will allow for better SEO than traditional SPAs built using Vue.

Nuxt.js needs a different mindset that Vue

Another great advantage of Nuxt is the ability to create a Statically Generated website for your application. This enables users to publish their application without the need for a server (such as GitHub Pages). However, you can still build a SPA with Nuxt to take advantage of its benefits over vanilla Vue if you wish.

Use Nuxt if you need Server Side Rendering or Static Site Generation. With Nuxt, you can define default tags for your application in the head property of your nuxt.config.js file.

This allows you to add a default title and description tag which makes Nuxt the perfect choice if SEO is important. You can also define titles and descriptions for individual pages by adding the head property inside the