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English to Tamil Translation – online Tamil typing, best website for thanglish to Tamil converter. English to Tamil dictionary online. Welcome to – our online typing editor is powered by Google. It provides accurate and fast Tamil typing – making English to Tamil Translation easy anywhere on the web. Welcome to – our online typing editor is powered by Google. Tamil Typing Online – our website is developed to make Tamil typing very easy with English to Tamil Unicode. Here, you can just type in English language in the given text editor and press Space Bar. Now, enter text will be converted into Tamil Script. (Tamil Typing). Using the suggestion option – you can choose more word options. After finishing the tying process, you can copy the text and paste it anywhere on the emails, chat, social media platform, website and documents. With our Tamil typing editor, you can download as converted text as text documents and as word file, also share directly on all social media platforms. Best English to Tamil dictionary available online with perfect meaningsand suggestion. We also take the inputof our visitors to add new words to our dictionary and it facilitates us toprovide correct meaning and spelling to the sentences. Nowadays, tamizh people areshowing much interest in learning Tamil language and started to use in social mediaplatforms. As we all know, typing in Tamil is complicated with generickeyboards on your smartphones (or) personal computers. Further, we need to depend on Tamil typingsoftware to type in Tamil. In this scenario, our Tamil tying online website isvery useful. You can just visit ourwebsite, type in English and our online tool converts into Tamil language withmore perfection. You can just copy and paste the text anywhere required. With our English to Tamil translation tool, we are happy to promote our pre-historic Tamil language and help next generations in learning Tamil language and use it in day today life. Nowadays, we tend to use English keyboards. Now worries, Tamil typing online is here to help – you can type in Tamil from anywhere without downloading. Nowadays, youngsters are familiar with thanglish (writing our Tamil words through English letters). Now, it is very simple to convert thanglish to Tamil (tamizh) with our tool. Tamil is a Dravidian language spokenby Tamil People of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and by the Tamil diaspora, SriLankan Moors, Douglas, and Chindians. Tamil is one of the longest-survivingclassical languages in the world; a recorded Tamil literature has beendocumented for over 2000 years. 12 Vowels in Tamil Language – also called as life or soul letters. அ,ஆ, இ, ஈ, உ,ஊ, எ, ஏ, ஐ,ஒ, ஓ, ஔ. க்,ங், ச், ஞ், ட்,ண், த், ந், ப்,ம், ய், ர், ல்,வ், ழ், ள், ற்,ன். The Tamil speech has alsoincorporated many phonemes. The letter used to write these sounds is known as“grantha”. They are: ஜ், ஶ், ஷ்,ஸ்,ஹ்,க்ஷ். The numerals are written as following: . ௦ (0), ௧(1),௨(2),௩(3),௪(4),௫(5),௬(6),௭(7),௮(8),௯(9),௰(10),௱(100),௲(1000). To start typing in Tamil, you just start type word as it pronouncedin English (called as Thanglish). Then, it can be transliterated. For example:if you want type “தமிழ் உலகத்தின் தொன்மையான மொழி” then, type as “Tamil Ulagathin Thonmayana Mozhi”. If the word is not correctly translated as expected – you canmake use of suggestion option below the text editor and choose preferred text. Translation gives you the meaning of a word in otherlanguage. For example: the translation of “India is multicultural country” is “இந்தியா பலபண்பாட்டுநாடு”in Tamil.