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To earn your CPIM designation, you must pass two CPIM exams within three years of each other. Domain 1: Supply Chain OverviewDomain 2: Fundamentals of Demand ManagementDomain 3: Plan SupplyDomain 4: Execute Supply PlanDomain 5: Inventory ManagementDomain 6: Continuous Improvement/Quality Management and Technologies.

  • Domain 1: Align the Supply Chain to Support the Business StrategyDomain 2: Conduct Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to Support StrategyDomain 3: Plan and Manage DemandDomain 4: Plan and Manage SupplyDomain 5: Plan and Manage InventoryDomain 6: Plan, Manage, and Execute Detailed SchedulesDomain 7: Plan and Manage DistributionDomain 8: Manage Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Technology.
  • APICS certification exams may be covered through the Veterans Administration*.
  • Each exam consists of 150 questions (130 operational and 20 pretest), and you will have 3.5 hours to complete each one.
  • Pretest questions do not contribute to the total score but are necessary for statistical purposes only and are randomly distributed throughout the exam.
  • Candidates should answer all exam questions.
  • The CPIM exam score range is 200 to 350. Scores 300 points and above are considered passing, and any score 299 points or below is failing.
  • Exams are graded using a scaled score methodology. This technique ensures equivalent passing standards are maintained from varying difficulties of each exam from one to the next.
  • For more information on our scoring methodology read Understanding a Scaled Score.
  • Review the APICS Exam Handbook for full details on the exam process and procedures prior to taking the exam.
  • Read the certification FAQs to answer any additional questions you may have about the certification exams and courseware.
  • All exam content was developed according to the test outline included in the CPIM Exam Content Manual.
  • The CPIM ECM is free for ASCM members. Develop a study plan, improve test scores and feel more confident on your exam day.
  • Choose from self-study, instructor-led, instructor-supported or a combination to find the study style that works best for you.
  • All study methods use the CPIM Learning System to prepare you for the exam.
  • APICS exams are administered via computer-based testing at Pearson VUE test centers worldwide and online through the OnVUE system.
  • Create a study plan. On average, we recommend 100 hours of study time to pass each certification exam.
  • Use the online learning system flashcards and quizzes, and connect with your peers in person or virtually in the ASCM Connect Community.
  • Get other study tips and advice from APICS certified professionals in our webinar Navigating Certification Preparation.