Orbeetle V Value

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Card # / Rarity021 / Ultra Rare
Type / StageGrass / VMAX

[G] Strafe (20)You may switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon. [1G] Mysterious Wave (50+)This attack does 30 more damage times the amount of Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon.

OtherRx2 / None / 1
SetVivid Voltage
Character(s)Orbeetle /
Current Price

$0.86 -41.89%

Last 7 Days-8.72%
Last 30 Days6.80%
Orbeetle V Pokemon Products

Nov 17th, 2020 12AM$3.67-
Nov 17th, 2020 2AM$3.68$0.01
Nov 17th, 2020 4AM$3.75$0.07
Nov 17th, 2020 5AM$4.12$0.37
Nov 17th, 2020 6AM$4.37$0.25
Nov 17th, 2020 9AM$4.16$-0.21
Nov 17th, 2020 7PM$4.44$0.28
Nov 17th, 2020 8PM$4.56$0.12
Nov 17th, 2020 9PM$4.57$0.01
Nov 17th, 2020 10PM$4.56$-0.01
Nov 17th, 2020 11PM$4.66$0.10
Nov 18th, 2020 1AM$4.71$0.05
Nov 18th, 2020 2AM$4.99$0.28
Nov 18th, 2020 3AM$5.15$0.16
Nov 18th, 2020 4AM$5.10$-0.05
Nov 18th, 2020 5AM$5.22$0.12
Nov 18th, 2020 9AM$5.18$-0.04
Nov 18th, 2020 12PM$5.20$0.02
Nov 18th, 2020 3PM$5.12$-0.08
Nov 18th, 2020 6PM$5.08$-0.04
Nov 18th, 2020 9PM$4.95$-0.13
Nov 18th, 2020 10PM$4.96$0.01
Nov 18th, 2020 11PM$5.01$0.05
Nov 19th, 2020 1AM$5.03$0.02
Nov 19th, 2020 2AM$5.01$-0.02
Nov 19th, 2020 3AM$4.79$-0.22
Nov 19th, 2020 4AM$4.78$-0.01
Nov 19th, 2020 12PM$4.70$-0.08
Nov 19th, 2020 3PM$4.68$-0.02
Nov 19th, 2020 5PM$4.59$-0.09
Nov 19th, 2020 6PM$4.38$-0.21
Nov 19th, 2020 8PM$4.45$0.07
Nov 20th, 2020 2AM$4.38$-0.07
Nov 20th, 2020 1PM$4.34$-0.04
Nov 20th, 2020 2PM$4.45$0.11
Nov 20th, 2020 5PM$4.53$0.08
Nov 20th, 2020 8PM$4.59$0.06
Nov 20th, 2020 9PM$4.62$0.03
Nov 20th, 2020 10PM$4.74$0.12
Nov 21st, 2020 3AM$4.96$0.22
Nov 21st, 2020 4AM$4.94$-0.02
Nov 21st, 2020 5AM$4.93$-0.01
Nov 21st, 2020 7AM$5.01$0.08
Nov 21st, 2020 8AM$4.90$-0.11
Nov 21st, 2020 1PM$4.87$-0.03
Nov 21st, 2020 5PM$4.89$0.02
Nov 21st, 2020 10PM$4.84$-0.05
Nov 22nd, 2020 1AM$4.76$-0.08
Nov 22nd, 2020 2AM$4.75$-0.01
Nov 22nd, 2020 3AM$4.77$0.02


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