Outdoor Slate Cladding

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Our exterior Stone Cladding, Stone Wall Cladding ranges have been carefully designed to be installed outdoors, on the buildings walls, fences or in the garden. Stacked Stone panels are often used to add warmth and traditional stone look for new build extensions or conservatories but also building renovations.

Our ranges of External Stone Cladding, Stone Wall decor is frost proof and water resistant. Also provides additional advantages protecting the buildings against loss of heat in winter and also against excessive heat in the summer. Exterior Stone Cladding - Stone Wall Cladding. No one can't miss its presence and when installed is catching attention.

Having our Stacked Stone panels on a house, office, any front wall will add attraction and create an impression of the Luxury.

Stone cladding and Stacked Stone we produce and supply are Premium and hand made products.

Due to the traditional manufacturing process each panel looks original and not repeatable.

Highly attractive and realistic External Stone Cladding giving our customers endless possibilities for transforming there’s homes or businesses.

Exterior Stone Cladding is handcrafted from high quality, sustainably sourced materials.

Our Stacked Stone panels can be installed to most surfaces including brick walls, rendered walls, concrete walls etc.

Installation itself is easy and anyone who has basic DIY skills will be able to complete the work.

External Stone Cladding or Stacked Stone panels are often used internally to create Stone Feature Wall and decorate wet rooms and bathrooms.

Due to the characteristics of external Stone wall cladding range, there are no issues if our stone wall decor panels have direct contact with water or are exposed to high humidity.

It is also make them very popular to create Stone Fireplace, and use them to cover chimney breasts or install them in close proximity to source of high temperature.

Vast range of our Stacked Stone panels and Split Face Stone replicate the look and feel of natural stone but is much lighter in your budget.

Eco Outdoor offers a vast choice of natural stone interior and exterior wall cladding materials from traditional, dry-stone and random ashlar format wall products, tiles and stacked stone in granite as well as Melbourne Bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate and more.

Exterior Stone Cladding, Multicolor Slate Z Panels are gaining in popularity use for external wall of building, as well as the wall of outdoor space in the garden.

Its ease of use and natural beauty attracted more and more homeowners and construction professionals alike.

Exterior stone cladding is an excellent choice for exterior wall decoration applications, sometimes, the architects use these natural stone panels to decorate interior grand hall.

The natural stone aesthetics is evident on a wall surface and makes it a great choice for most applications.

Exterior stone cladding gives a great strength character to any property with aesthetics of nature.

Our shareholder's factory has been producing exterior stone cladding since 2009, not all suppliers can provide consistent high-quality natural stone cladding from their shareholder's factory to customers.

Exterior Stone Cladding Multicolor Key Features

This is why our prices are most competitive and we can provide super-value external stone cladding.

Interlocking design for creating a "seamless" join so the wall looks natural. Weathering multicolor and copper color looking.

Can be used external wall (Equivalent to exterior brick).

Technical Data Sheet Application Guide

Exterior Stone Cladding, Stone Wall Cladding and Stacked Stone

Suits modern and traditional schemes. Easy and quick to install. Relatively minimal maintenance.

Retailers, Building Contractors, Property Developers, and Landscapers are welcome to collect at our warehouse in Felixstowe of the UK to take advantage of our great discount and trade deals we offer.

Also, don’t hesitate to call us on 01908 973 298.

Technical Data Sheet Application Guide