Outdoor Wall Cladding Panels Uk

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Installing wood wall panels might sound like a big chore, but it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Keep in mind that the process will differ depending on which type of panels you buy. This is a guide to installing our Reclaimed Wood Panels, or other similar panels. The process for Acupanel and our peel and stick panelling will differ. To install your wood wall panels, you first need to prep your walls. You should use adhesive to stick your panels on before nailing them into place.

But adhesive will only work on un-wallpapered, dry, sound walls.

So make sure your walls are the following:. Sturdy enough to support wooden panels. Clean from debris; use a dry cloth to wipe away any dust. Free from trim around doorways, windows, etc.; remove trim and skirting boards before starting. Free from outlet covers and switch plates. You should also acclimate your wooden panels by leaving them in the room for a few days. The wood will adjust to humidity and temperature levels this way. If you want to better hide the joints between the panels, you should also paint or stain your walls a color similar to your wood sheets before applying them. Before cutting any of your wood panelling, lay out your sheets on the floor for a preview.

Once you’re satisfied with your wood panelling design, you can start applying! You’ll need a caulking gun loaded with panel adhesive. Place dollops of adhesive on the wall, spaced 10 inches apart. Then, put your panels in place on the wall, against the adhesive. Pull the panel away from the wall a bit to make the adhesive tackier, then push it back into place with a rolling pin. To finish, drive nails into place at the top of the panel and put the skirting boards back in place to secure the bottom.

Exterior wall cladding sheets are an effective means of altering or refurbishing the the appearance of your building and increasing the durability of the existing exterior walls with minimal expense.