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Welcome to Pearson VUE knowledgebase.

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The VSS website components are being re-written into the Connect portal. The current plan has us retiring the VSS website around July 1, 2022. Communications will be sent to sites prior to retiring the VSS website.

A Pearson VUE employee or an authorized site user creates new user accounts via the VSS website or the Connect User Management application. When a user profile is created, a username is assigned. The system automatically generates an email that is sent to the new user's email address configured in the user account profile. The email includes the Username and a link for first time login users to set their Security Questions and Password. Users must click this link the first time they log in to Connect so they can configure their security questions and password.

Two-factor authentication is required for every Connect user. Users must have a unique username and password, and they must have a verification code for every user account on each browser where they will logon to the Connect portal. First time users are automatically granted a verification code for the browser where they establish their password and security questions. If users logon to Connect from Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, they must have a verification code for that user profile on each of the browsers. Users must also consent to the use of tracking cookies.

Create security questions

The first time you log on to the Connect portal, you must configure your Security questions and setup your Password. The security questions are used to unlock your account if you cannot remember your password.

  1. Locate your Connect Account Created email and click the link to complete the account creation.


The only way to access the first-time user Security Questions configuration screen is by clicking on the email link. The email link is only valid for 7 days. If you cannot find the system generated email or try and access Connect eight or more days after the email was generated, you have several options.

  1. Use the Forgot my password link on the login page, enter your Username and Site ID and click Retrieve password. This triggers a new email.
  2. As a last resort you may contact your Test Administrator or VSS to reset your account which also triggers a new email.
  1. Select a question from the Question 1 drop-down list.
  2. Type the answer to the security question in the first Answer field.


The answers are not case sensitive. There are no limits to the answers you must provide but keep your answers simple because you must remember what you typed to unlock your account if you cannot remember your password.

  1. Select a question from the Question 2 drop-down list.
  2. Type the answer to the security question in the second Answer field.
  3. Click Next.

Password setup

You must create a strong password. The password you establish will be used to login to the Connect portal and all VUE Testing System (VTS) applications. You must change your password every 60 days using the Connect portal or the VTS applications login screens.

  1. You must create a Password. Enter your Password and Confirm your Password.


Strong Passwords are required. A password must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Minimum 8 characters
  2. Must contain three of the following:
    1. Uppercase English letters (A, B, C, ... Z)
    2. Lowercase English letters (a, b, c, ... z)
    3. Westernized Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, ... 9)
    4. Special Characters (&, *, %, etc.)
  3. Cannot contain your username
  4. Must be updated every 60 days
  5. Cannot be repeated within a 366-day period

e.g., PCuser_1, Run&Jump, U8Lunch.

  1. Click Submit. You are returned to the Connect portal log in page where a message notifies you that your account has been successfully set up.
  2. Now you can logon to the Connect portal using your username, password, and Site ID. See Login to Connect for details.