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Many people these days are looking in to taking Microsoft certification exams and get certified. You can take the Microsoft certification exam locally in an official test center, or online.

In this blog post, I want to give you some tips and tricks on how to take a Microsoft certification exam online, from home or in the office. Since I have taken many Microsoft Azure exams online, so I want to share my experience with you.

How to schedule an online exam. Microsoft Online Exam Requirements. Online Exam check-in experience. During the exam.

Completing a Certification Credential

  1. After the exam and retrieve score report. If you want to take a Microsoft certification exam from home, you can schedule it the same as you would do with an exam in a test center.
  2. The best thing is you go to the official Microsoft Certifications page and select the certification exam you want to take.
  3. You can browse all Microsoft certifications and exams here.
  4. During the scheduling process of the exam, you can choose if you want to take the exam in a local test center or online.
  5. Schedule and take Microsoft Certification Exam Online.

Online Testing

During the scheduling process, you can already run a system check, which checks the setup of your machine as well as hardware requirements and internet connectivity. If you are taking the exam with a different computer or at a different location, you can re-run the system pre-check.

Pearson VUE Specific Q&As

The great thing about scheduling the exam online, you can take the exam at almost any time. To take an exam at home or in the office, you will have some system requirements as well as requirements on the environment you will be taking the exam.

As mentioned before, the system requirements will be checked before you take the exam. You can always run the system pre-check. I listed here the most important requirements for your computer to take the Microsoft exam online.

For a full list check out Microsoft About online exams. Operating System: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or macOS 10.12 and above. Display: Minimum Resolution of 1024×768 in 16-bit color. Internet Browser: The newest versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Connection: 1Mbps down/up or higher. Webcam: Minimum Resolution of 640×480 with 10fps. Sound & Microphone: You will need to have a microphone and audio on and not muted.

Work area and the exam environment requirements

One of the big differences between taking the Microsoft exam online instead as from a test center, you will be responsible for your testing area.

Meaning you will need to have a clean environment and no possibility to cheat.

TOGAF Exam and Certification Q&As

Microsoft Certification Exam Online From Home. Therefore there are some rules you need to follow, which will also be checked during the checking process, and you will be watched during the exam.

Your room, office, conference room, or wherever you are taking the exam must be walled, have a closed door, and be free from disruptions.

If taking the exam at your home, the room should be free from disruptions. There can’t be any noise, sounds, or anyone in the room you’re taking the exam. No third party is to be in the room during your testing session. No personal belongings are allowed to be within reach.

You can only have your laptop or computer in front of you. You will be not be allowed to use and access hand-held computers or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats (or other head coverings), bags, coats, books, notes, or any other materials not specifically approved.

You will be asked to show your hands, ears (if they are covered under long hair, and if you are wearing a tie, you will need to show that you are not hiding anything. No breaks/eating/drinking – During the exam, you are not allowed to take any breaks for any reason.

There is no eating, drinking, and chewing gum. No exam assistance – Again, no one else is allowed in the room where you are taking the exam.

If someone should enter the room, your exam will be stopped. Additional monitors in including TVs (must be unplugged and turned away from you).

OnVUE Delivery (Remote exams)

Additional computers (must be turned off and monitors must be dark). Wall art/posters (these will be inspected). If there is a whiteboard in the room, it must be wiped clean. To get the full list of requirements, please check the following page. Make it as simple as possible, wear a t-shirt, and put everything away and clean up.

Have nothing on the table except your laptop. Take the exam in a room with no additional monitors. Close all the doors and windows, put a “please do not enter, testing in progress”-sign at the door, so no one accidentally enters.

Make sure family members and co-workers are aware that you are taking an exam. Take the exam at a clean location, with not much tech around. I found the kitchen to be the best spot for me to take the exam.

You can start the exam and check-in process from your certification portal dashboard. Microsoft Certification Dashboard – Start Online Exam. Before you can start the exam, you will need to check-in, which includes verifying your ID and show your exam environment area.

Exam Intellectual Property

Be sure that you have administrative rights on your computer so you can download the testing software. Have your phone ready to take pictures of your ID, password, etc.

and your testing area. The phone will also be used to contact you during the exam if the proctor can not reach you using the chat. Have your driver’s license, passport, or other acceptable identification available so that your identity can be verified.

The greeter will review testing behavior/conduct, testing environment, and communication process during exam delivery. All communication with the greeter and proctor will be conducted in English.

You need to shut down any non‐essential applications (such as email or chat).

Open Badges

The exam experience during the exam is basically the same as in the local test center. However, you will be monitored during you take the exam. The webcam and the microphone will be on during the exam. If the proctor is not able to see you, sees someone else in the room, or hears someone talking, the exam will be stopped.

You are not allowed to read the questions and answers out loud. You may not copy or record questions or answers from the exam using any means, and you may not share or discuss the questions or answers seen in the exam with others.

If you want to have a look at more sample question types, check out the following video on YouTube. When you are done with your exam, you will be able to provide feedback on the exam itself, as well as on the testing process.

Exam Retakes

After finishing, you will immediately get informed if you have passed the exam.

ArchiMate Exam Q&As

Usually, the passing score is 700/1000 or higher. If you have taken a beta exam, the results will not be shown immediately.

Completing Certification

Helpful Numbers:

Passed Microsoft Online Exam Score Report. You will be able to get the score report from your certification portal dashboard. There you cannot only find your Microsoft Certification Exam Transcript but also get access to the exam report. If you are now interested in taking a Microsoft certification exam, check out the following blog posts:.

You can also have a look at my Microsoft Certification exam study guides:.

CCE no longer administers CPCE exams using pencil and paper, except for approved accommodations.

I hope this was helpful. I wish you happy learning and good luck with your exam. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Updated 29 April 2022. Notice: Effective March 7, 2022, our exam provider Pearson VUE has suspended delivery of all testing services throughout Russia and Belarus.

Additionally, due to sanctions, no services are being provided in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Ukraine. This includes both in-person exams at test centres and online testing via OnVUE. Notice: The Open Group Exam testing impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus):. In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, Pearson VUE, who provides The Open Group testing service, is adjusting its test center operations in accordance with advice from government and local authorities.

Please check below to view the country-by-country information in advance of your appointment to prepare for your exam experience.

Country-by-country testing guidance. Visit for full details of country-by-country information. Advice for Impacted Candidates. Testing candidates with cancelled exams will either receive a refund (if paid to Pearson VUE) or if booked with an exam voucher please contact The Open Group for assistance. As an alternative to traveling to a test center, most of The Open Group certification exams are available to take remotely with OnVUE Online Proctoring from Pearson VUE (more details..).

Things you can do if you are taking an exam at a test center:. More information». Wash your hands upon arrival to the test center. Utilize hand sanitizer upon entering the testing room. Tissues will be offered as you enter the testing room.

Series 6, 7, and 63 Licenses

Per the World Health Organization, please cover your nose and mouth in case of sneezing or coughing. Reschedule your testing appointment if you are unwell and exhibiting symptoms such as fever and/or respiratory difficulties.

As efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak carry on, we will continue to monitor the global situation and will act upon any new guidance provided by local authorities and government agencies as they develop.

Courses delivered virtually and e-learning courses may be a good solution during the COVID-19 restrictions; the delivery methods applicable to a course are listed on the conformance declaration included on the register. ArchiMate® 2 Part 1 Exam.

ArchiMate® 2 Part 2 Exam. ArchiMate® 2 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam. ArchiMate® 3 Part 1 Exam. ArchiMate® 3 Part 2 Exam. DPBoK™ Part 1 Exam. IT4IT™ Part 1 Exam. Open FAIR™ Part 1 Exam. TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Exam (all languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese). TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Exam (all languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese).

Exams and Results

TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam (English and Simplified Chinese). TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1. For additional registration information see the Pearson VUE Specific Q&As below. Your computer needs a webcam, microphone, and sufficient internet speed to satisfy system requirements .

These exams are taken seriously, so please prepare your room as if it was a live test center .

The exam must be taken in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions; this also means that if there are others in your home/office, they must not interrupt you during your exam . Do not leave the room during your exam; your exam will be terminated . To secure the integrity of these exams, no breaks will be allowed during the entirety of your exam .

CPCE Brochure

For additional information on OnVUE delivery see here. For certification credentials, such as TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1, see here. This applies to certification credentials, such as TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 . A voucher expires on the date provided with the voucher (the expiration date).

You must register for and *take* your examination prior to the expiration date provided with the voucher. Voucher expiration dates cannot be extended under any circumstances. Each voucher may be redeemed to take one certification exam, delivered at an authorized testing center.

Vouchers may only be valid for specific exams, please ensure you redeem the voucher against the correct exam. Expired, lost, or stolen vouchers will not be replaced. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, or returned for a refund.

Vouchers cannot be applied to exams that have already been taken. Vouchers are not transferable between programs. Refreshed Knowledge (e.g., TOGAF Essentials 2018). Specializations (e.g., TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1). For Pearson VUE customer service (including scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling an exam) visit:

Credit card: AMEX, Master Card, VISA, or JCB. Voucher code (see above faqs on Exam Vouchers).

Certification Credentials

For more help, see The Open Group Help Center.

“I absolutely believe that our use of the CPCE has benefited our counseling programs.”.

Keith Cates, Clinical Director of Counselor Education, Troy University.

Over 400 college and university counseling programs across the country use CCE’s Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE).

Counseling programs benefit from the CPCE in various ways.

Provides a master’s program comprehensive exam that meets high psychometric standards.

Gives programs an objective view of the knowledge level of their students.

Allows programs to examine student functioning in various curricular areas.

Open FAIR Exam Q&As

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Promotes longitudinal self-study. Compares a program’s results to national data.

  • Stimulates student integration of knowledge learned in separate courses.
  • Gives students comparative strength and weakness feedback.
  • While CCE does not offer an official study guide for the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE), we do provide a list of textbook resources frequently used in CACREP-accredited counselor preparation programs.
  • The list of resources can be found at CPCE Textbook Guide. University and college counseling programs have the option to offer the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) as:.

How long does it take to process a life insurance license application in Texas?

APB administrations can be delivered on any school campus via desktop or laptop computers that meet specific system specifications.

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With this mode of administration, the examination is delivered via the Internet using a secure browser. This option is appealing because it’s less expensive per student ($75) and allows the most flexibility. Schools decide the date, time and location for their administration(s), thereby giving students the opportunity to test as a cohort in the comfort of their programs.

Can I get an emergency life insurance agent license in Texas?

Complete the order form to register your school for an APB administration.

Do I need to get my securities license on top of a life insurance license in Texas?

CBT administrations can only be delivered at an approved Pearson VUE facility. This option is appealing because it allows students more flexibility with scheduling and excludes the school from the exam administration process. Although this mode of testing is more expensive per student ($150), it ensures a standardized testing experience. 1) I will be a CPCE exam proctor.

What can I sell with a life insurance license in Texas?

What do I need to do? Answer: You need to create your proctor account and password with Pearson VUE. The day before the exam, check your password and test dates for accuracy through Navigator.

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2) What are the requirements to serve as a proctor? Answer: The proctor must be affiliated with the school.

What are the limitations of a Texas life insurance license?

However, staff, faculty, students, and graduate assistants associated with the school’s counseling or psychology departments are strictly prohibited. Answer: On the day of the exam, go to Pearson VUE and click on “I am an exam proctor.” Under number four, click on either “Start Windows Test Process” or “Start Mac Test Process,” depending on your operating system.

Can I cancel my life insurance license in Texas?

The CCE Sign In page will appear and the student will enter their username and password. 4) I never received an email from Pearson VUE to set up my proctor account.

How hard is it to get a life insurance license in Texas?

How do I get this? Answer: If the email is not in your junk/spam folder, request a proctor reset by contacting us at [email protected]


Start Studying

  • In the subject field, please list ‘Proctor Reset’. In the body of your email, specify the nature of your request (proctor reset), and indicate your name and school.
  • 5) Are students allowed to bring anything into the test room?
  • Answer: Students are permitted to bring their photo ID only, unless they have prior approval or special accommodations.

Learn More

  • If other items are brought into the testing room, they must be kept in a designated area on the proctor’s desk at the front of the room.
  • Students may not access these items (including papers or cell phones) during the exam.
  • 6) The student’s score report did not print. Answer: The student can log into their Pearson VUE account to view and print their score report.
  • Scores are available within 24 hours of the examination. 7) The score report flashed on the screen after the student tested, then disappeared.
  • Were their responses and scores saved? Answer: Yes, there is a record of their examination.

The student can log into their Pearson VUE account to view and print their score report later.

Scores are available within 24 hours of the examination. 8) A student is testing right now but we need to move them to a different computer. How do we do this? Answer: Stop the exam by holding the ctrl+alt+delete keys simultaneously. After the student is moved, they should sign back into the exam by entering the necessary credentials (student first, then proctor).

The student’s exam will continue from the item and time that was displayed prior to closing the exam.