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When you are dealing with a large number of photos that require the same adjustments, you don’t need to go through them one by one. You can use batch photo editors to do that hard work. This post will introduce the 4 best batch photo editors to you. Just check them out! Quick Navigation :. Batch photo editor is a dispensable tool when you need to apply equal adjustments to a number of images simultaneously.


  1. Here comes the 4 best batch photo editors with batch processing capabilities to save your time.
  2. Let's explore them now. If you want to make attractive movies from the resulting photos, you can try MiniTool MovieMaker, which is a free and easy-to-use video editor.
  3. BatchPhoto is one of the best batch photo editors for Windows developed to help you improve your productivity in photo editing.
  4. With an easy-to-use interface, you just need to add your images, edit them and choose your output format and destination folder.
  5. This batch photo editor application will apply the edits you made to all your pictures automatically.
  6. You can save the current settings as profiles and easily load them later.
  7. Then you just need to right-click on any picture and apply your predefined edits automatically.
  8. It allows you to perform numerous photo editing operations, such as resizing, rotating, cropping, watermarkingand more.
  9. At the same time, you can enhance your photos in bulk by adjusting the contrast, brightness, or saturation, applying special effects, and decorating your photo with different borders and frames.
  10. As the name suggests, ImBatch is also a great batch photo editor that enables you to apply repeatable edits to the massive photo collection.
  11. With this free batch photo editor, you can add photos from multiple folders then apply editing tasks for bulk processing.
  12. It offers useful features to optimize your photos like resizing, cropping, rotating, flipping, or converting them in bulk.
  13. You can also improve the overall aspect by enabling the auto-enhancement filters or by manually setting the contrast, brightness, and saturation, by adjusting the color balance, and more.

After finishing editing, you can save your photo as animated GIF and PDF, upload images to FTP, or simply save them to your PC in other available formats. PhotoScape is one of the best free batch photo editors that let you add multiple photos in the batch processing queue and apply various adjustments.


To achieve batch editing, you need to select the folder and add the photos to the editing queue, then you can select the editing options to apply.
  • It lets you save batch editing configuration which enables you to apply the same configuration later to another batch of images.
  • As for batch editing options, you can add border, resize, and crop images.
  • It also lets you add effects and adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of all the photos in one go.
  • More than that, you can also add objects to photos like text, shapes, and even an image over an image.
  • The added text can be customized by changing the font, color, opacity, size, location, etc.

Fotor is a suite of editing tools with a batch processing feature. Amazingly, it provides an online version for you. With a modern and intuitive interface, you can be familiar with it quickly.

It provides many editing tools that allow you to crop, rotate, resize or fine-tune settings like contrast, exposure, shadows, or highlights. With it, you will have access to many impressive artistic effects and portrait retouching features that lets you fix skin blemishes, remove red eye and wrinkles, whiten your teeth, and many more.

Additionally, it also has collage-making capabilities with hundreds of templates to choose from.

With these batch photo editors, you can save a lot of time when you deal with massive collections of photos that require repeatable adjustments.


Best professional software
  • Camera and lens correction
  • Pro-level instruments for high-end color correction
  • Great image organization capabilities
  • Face detection and marking
  • Underpowered PCs could slow down the work

Verdict: Lightroom is a powerful and convenient photo conversion editor that helps you do your job several times faster. The most important feature of this image editor is that you can use presets, special settings that will help you process dozens or even hundreds of photos in the same style and in a few clicks. Also, with each updated version of the program, the automatic configuration algorithms operate more and more flawlessly. Therefore, I can safely recommend this option and once you learn how to batch edit in Lightroom, you will be fully satisfied.


For beginners
  • A selection of cool filters and light options
  • Helpful templates
  • A RAW file converter
  • Dedicated social network
  • All app versions flooded with ads
  • Not appropriate for performing deep image retouching

Verdict: This is a modern piece of software that has been developed to help even inexperienced users to easily carry out their projects. It has basic photo editing instruments, is capable of processing a batch of images, and can also serve as free photo organizing software.

This free batch photo editor allows you to change the dimensions or orientation of a photo and make adjustments to contrast, exposure, light and dark areas, thus performing basic color correction. It also has very specific instruments for portraiture that removeblemishes and wrinkles, correct the red-eye defect, and whiten teeth. Other features are more fun, like posting stickers and inscriptions or adding frames.


With rich batch photo editor options
  • Screen capture
  • Free to use
  • Good optimization
  • Recognizes numerous formats
  • Lags
  • Possible loss of quality

Verdict: This useful software can deal with a variety of image editing tasks. It is great for batch photo editing since you can import a pack of photos and start making alterations or adding pre-made effects and filters. Moreover, many users claim that it is the best photo editing software for PC.

First, you need to open the designated option that will display a directory tree window where you can indicate the folder with images for editing. Forming a queue of the pictures that need identical alterations, you can start implementing those manually or with the help of automated tools.

In the right part of the software window, you will see three main tabs that sort all the possible instruments and objects that you can use to improve one image or a pack of them.

5. ImageConverterPro

Converts in popular formats
  • Convenient tool to add watermarks
  • Batch renaming mode
  • One-click conversion
  • Supports all popular formats
  • No advanced image editing functions

Verdict: Forget about long and tiresome file conversion! ImageConverterPro offers a batch mode for converting sets of photos in a blink of an eye. You can even set the quality for some formats. Primarily, you need to set the format and launch the conversion process.

In addition, you may rotate images, adjust the size, add a watermark, export or rename them. ImageConverterPro is also included on the list of the best photo sharpening software, so you can take full advantage of such features. If you need to convert several pics or several dozens of them, select the necessary files or all of them. The export formats include JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF.

6. ImBatch

Multithreaded tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible modification options
  • Batch conversions
  • Fast and simple
  • Unpleasant design
  • No auto-shutdown at the end of big projects

Verdict: This is a powerful photo enhancer,using which you can carry out complex image editing tasks. Set the adjustments you want to be applied and see the software processing hundreds of pictures with ease. The basic ImBatch crop and rotate instruments plus tagging and format converting options are only a few among those you can use.

You can work with something as advanced as motion or Gaussian blur, inner or soft shadow, plus some image distortion effects like an imitation of fisheye or mosaic. If you have some go-to settings, those can be saved separately for quicker access. Those are incredibly easy to find, just the right-click menuin Explorer will bring out all the options. The results of your work can be saved on an FTP or published on Facebook directly. You can also use free watermark software to protect your authorship.

7. Polarr

Batch export capabilities
  • Allows seeing the “before” and “after” files
  • Can process images up to 30MP
  • Doesn’t require Internet for work
  • Accessibility froma variety of platforms
  • Can’t open RAW Files
  • No support for third-party plug-ins

Verdict: This automatic photo editor is the perfect instrument for higher-level image editing, especially in bulk. Provided with a well-thought-out layout and a neat design, the program can be used by image editors in a number of ways.

The batch image processing starts with setting the dimensions and orientation of the images and then you proceed to taking some basic editing steps that involve setting exposure, contrast, saturation, and other values. Removing skin imperfections is especially easy because the software has a separate toolkit for clearing off any imperfections and even slightly changing the features. As the final stage, you can apply filters or effects and export the results.

8. IrfanView

Packed with features
  • Batch image editing
  • Short processing time
  • Immense library of supported formats
  • Countless plug-ins 
  • Somewhat disorganized interface
  • Solely for Windows users

Verdict: This batch photo editor is free, powerful, and has a selection of very useful tools that easily enhance the look of any photograph. You can view or edit images in more common formats like JPG, RAW, GIF, and even in PDF.

Apply ready-made effects to images or set each value manually, altering the depth and saturation of color, image brightness and sharpness. Inscriptions or watermarks can also be placed on your shots and doing it in bulk is the only feasible way. The absence of a preview feature might be a drawback but you get to record the changes you make as personal templates that can save much of your photo editing time.

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9. FastStone Photo Resizer

With user-friendly interface
  • Works with images from both folders and non-folders
  • Performs renaming with the addition of numerals
  • Searches and changes text in image names
  • Great text and watermark instruments
  • Only Windows version

Verdict: This batch image editor is supplied with great features for both organizing and editing photos easily. This photo editing software for beginners is supplied with great features for both organizing and editing photos easily. The toolkit is far from limited, allowing to change the dimensions, orientation, names of images, adding watermarks or inscriptions, correcting the shades and intensity of colors, including frames, all of that equally easily applied to one or a large number of images.

Such a feature as multithreading is the one enabling the software to deal with any large task faster. You can dedicate specific names to bundles of images and fine-tune the conversionby controlling the previews. This is a versatile program to rename, edit, and convert packs of images.

10. Fotosizer

For Windows users
  • Rich in functions
  • Resizing, watermarking, and rotating in bulk
  • 35 languages
  • Dark mode for more comfort
  • Overloaded user interface

Verdict: Fotosizer is another great software for Windows users. The working space is well organized, with a convenient dashboard that puts at your disposal all the available tools and options. On the left, you see a bar where you can select which images should be edited, and on the opposite side, the applicable instrumentsare laid out. Once the setting is complete, press Start and wait till the process is finished.

The toolkit itself is quite sufficient for batch image processing and accurate color correction. You get to adjust the size and orientation of pictures, paste text or logos, perform basic color correction with shifting the brightness or contrast values, and apply some pre-made effects to darken the edges or create a frame. If you do regular adjustments often, save them as personal profiles that can be reapplied in a second any time in the future.

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11. Fotophire

Universal software
  • Convenient interface
  • Free trial to test the features
  • Contains basic image editing instruments
  • Not a subscription-based type
  • Can’t process RAW images

Verdict: The software offers great functionality to improve a whole folder of images simultaneously. The instruments are divided into three major categories, the first for working on the general outlook of the image, the second for working on the background, and the third for eliminating unwanted objects from a picture.

The batch photo editor provides somewhat advanced instruments to alter the size and layout of the picture and then work on the colors, shades, and lights, even with the ability to use some artistic effects or filters that hugely save time. All of that and more can be found in the Photo Editor section that is intuitive and very feature-rich, which makes it sufficient for professional use.

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12. XnConvert

Batch image converter
  • Speedy batch processing
  • Cross-platform software
  • Opens over 500 formats
  • Convenient and intuitive
  • Preview screen is too small
  • Certain features can lag

Verdict: Being one of the best RAW file converters, XnConvert can batch edit photoswith the help of some basic tools, which are great for shaping and organizing images. You can use it as a preliminary instrument to prepare images for some high-end retouching or as a standalone tool.

If you need it only for initial photo processing, you can easily resize and rotate the whole pack of shots, supply them with some text or logo, make changes to the Metadata, and export the results in different formats. The software can also be efficient in color correction since it has many manual and automated features to balance colors or illumination of the shot, plus make it monochrome or apply some other popular effect.

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13. Pixillion Image Converter

Supports wide range of formats
  • Simple to use
  • Entirely free
  • Can process many file extensions
  • Allows applying watermarks with levels of transparency
  • Some of the options must be downloaded separately

Verdict: This free batch photo editing software is for those, who need to perform a high-quality conversion between image formats. This process is very easy to perform, all the functions are straightforward. Just add the images, indicate the format and its specifications, select the folder for exporting the results, and the rest will be done for you.

Apart from simply converting, you can also adjust the images in several ways and combine two tasks. If the images are intended for the web, you can change the dimensions and orientation plus add watermarks. Should you need some more advanced editing, this software can be expanded by a sister app called PhotoPad.