Photo Frame Share App

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Companion App for the PhotoShare Friends and Family Cloud Frame. Simply select your favorite photos, select one or more PhotoShare Frames as the destination and press “Send Photos.” Your photos will appear in moments on the PhotoShare Frame, ready to be enjoyed by family and friends. Use the PhotoShare Frame App to send multiple photos and messages to up to 10 PhotoShare Frames at once. - Minor Optimizations & Fixes- iCloud Picture Handling Improvements. I haven’t had any issues with the app as far as bugs or not doing what it’s supposed to. We love the frame and love how easy it is to send pictures to grandparents! I also love how all of us can set up different accounts, but send photos to the same frame. I thought we’d have to share an account at first, but we didn’t have to! A couple things that would make it an even easier process and would definitely make it a 5-star app for me:1) I wish you could choose an album to select a picture from rather than have to go through every photo in my phone. 2) It would also be nice if I could see a larger preview of the photo when you clicked on it so I can make sure I’m sending the right photo (y’know, for when you have to find the one photo that someone didn’t close their eyes in).3) And last, I wish I could remove photos previously sent to the frame.
I love that the person with the frame doesn’t have to do anything to receive the photos on their end, but I know I’m going to have to go to grandma’s house and remove some of the photos myself once it’s too full to send new ones because she won’t know how to.Overall, great concept and easy to setup and use!
It was the best Mother’s Day gift for grandma!
The idea of this app is great.
We bought the frame as a gift and the recipient loves the physical frame itself.
But the app is really terrible and frustrating.
For starters, if you don’t upload all your pictures to the app before sharing them to the frame, there won’t be any record that they were sent.
You can select pictures from your Apple photos app and share them to the PhotoShare frame app, and that will open the PhotoShare frame app and allow you to select the frame to send to and everything, but it won’t store the photo or provide any record that you shared it so you have to just remember what photos you already sent to the frame.
Same thing if you try to use this with Google photos.Also, even if you do upload all your photos to the app in advance to have a record, if you are sharing to more than one frame, the app doesn’t differentiate if a photo has been shared to one frame or the other or both.
If it has been shared at all, there will be a check mark on it and that’s the only indicator you get.
There is also no way for the owner of the frame to sort their photos.
They will appear on the frame in whatever order they were received, so I feel bad sending more than 2 photos of any given event because I don’t want them seeing 8 pictures of the same birthday party in a row when, for example, the frame owner has other kids and grandkids.
If the pictures could be shuffled I’d be happy to send far more.It’s a good idea but the app needs a lot of improvement.
My dad got me this frame as a gift and I love it!
I think it’s a great way to share photos with family who are far away, and I like that pictures are cycled through so there’s always something different.That being said, I absolutely hate the app (this app).
The UI is terrible, forcing me to only pick from tiny thumbnails of my most recent pictures.