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Thanks for using Aura!This release contains a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. Your photos and videos should upload even faster than before. We’ve also added the ability to turn off notifications on a frame-by-frame basis.As always, thanks for being a loyal Aura customer. We love to hear from you and your family, so drop us a line at [email protected] I bought a couple of different models that were cheaper and appeared to have some options that might be better but come to find out they were not. One I used didn’t have a simple way to invite others to upload and share photos easiest, another required a subscription to allow more a few gigs of space. The other only allowed you to upload 8 pictures at a time. All of these things were not issues. Biggest pros, easy to invite people to share photos right away, unlimited cloud storage with out an additional costs. Biggest set backs are two things. It is not a touch screen and there are no additional slots for storage or uploading pictures. The frame is easy to set up and I’m excited to give another as a gift. I wish the app have the ability to add albums, where you could sort pictures into different albums, and choose which one you wanted to display. That way you could keep favorite photos on the frame and keep track of them but you wouldn’t necessarily need to have those in the rotation at all times. It would be extra cool if you could even set specific time frames for what albums you would like. For example- I want to see all of my family photos around Christmas time, so a winter album would be great if I could set that up to run from November to December. Or just albums for other custom things and I can control when to run them- but again, instead of having to make albums on my phone. Another feature that I think could use some finessing is that it takes a lot of steps to download photos when someone else adds it to the frame- so finding a way to make that easier would be great!
Overall, I like the frame and app.
My son and daughter also have frames. My biggest complaint is the “random” order of photos. It seems to assume that if you upload a lot of photos at once, they are less important than when you only upload one or two photos.