Photon Mono X Setup

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So, just like many people, I just got my Mono X. I've got everything set up, but not the wifi. I followed the instructions on the USB stick, created a WIFI.txt with the appropriate info on it but I keep getting an error. It keeps going to: Link AP failed, and then it shows the default anycubic wifi settings (which was obviously not on the wifi.txt file). Any thoughts on what I'm missing? SOLVED: So apparently two things: My USB stick was incorrectly formatted (exFAT) so I had to format it to FAT32, and then I had to 'print' the txt file with wifi settings and that got everything working.

The print quality you get from a resin printer is excellent, but I always thought the resin 3D printers are too small.

Anycubic Photon Mono X Design

ResinLayer thickness% UV PowerExposure time (seconds)Base layer countBase layer exposureLift Height (mm)Lift speed / retract speed (mm/min)
Deep Blue100 µm1009,0275690 / 240
50 µm1005,0260690 / 240
Stone Coal Black100 µm1009,0275690 / 240
50 µm1005,0260690 / 240
Premium White100 µm505,0265690 / 240
50 µm503,0265690 / 240
Premium Black100 µm1002,0275690 / 240
50 µm1001,7275690 / 240
Premium Model100 µm604,0135660 / 240
50 µm602,5135660 / 240
Premium Tough100 µm659,0250690 / 240
50 µmN/a
Wax Castable100 µm603,7260690 / 240
50 µm603,0260690 / 240
25 µm
Premium Flex100 µm606,01751090 / 240
50 µmN/a
Clear Impact100 µm6011,0275690 / 240
50 µm609,0275690 / 240
Strong-X100 µm1009,0275690 / 240
50 µm1005,0260690 / 240
Tough-X100 µm10015,0180690 / 240
50 µm10012,0180690 / 240
Flexible-X100 µm10013,02751090 / 240
50 µm100N/a
Hazard Glow100 µm10010,0280690 / 240
Composite-X100 µm907,5280690 / 240
50 µm906,5280690 / 240
Dental Model Pro Beige50 µm1003,5160642 / 240
Dental Model Pro Grey50 µm1003,5160642/ 240
Gingiva Mask100 µm10014,0630842 / 240

When larger format resin 3D printers like the Anycubic Photon Mono X were announced I knew I need to get one.

Slicer alternatives

While the Mono X was not my first option (I was planning to get the ELEGOO Saturn) I thought I would give it a go. Here’s my experience with it.

Anycubic Photon Mono X Noise Levels