Picture Frame Video Player

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Sometimes we want to play a video frame by frame, so we can observe every detail, and differences between details.Functions:1) Step-play frames, you can easily play video/GIF forward or backward frame by frame with clicking buttons or dragging finger. 2) Extract frames, you can extract frames and save them to Photos. You can extract the current frame, you also can extract all frames between 2 time point in batch mode.3) Support for making GIF animation from any segment of videos.4) Support video imported by iTunes.5) Support for zooming in/out video with 2-finger gesture to see more details.6) Support video/gif from "Files" App.7) Onion Skin. You can overlay the half-transparent previous and next frames on the current frame. Fix bug: quick clicking on step forward/backward buttons in full screen mode leads to zooming in/out the video. Just put a price on it. This app works, but you get about 2 minutes of use before the app locks down the frame-by-frame functionality and asks you to pay. Yes, you pay only if you need it, not everyone needs it. I gave this a 5 because after trying 4 different frame by frame apps this is the only one I kept because it’s basic controls and functions are simple and do exactly what I need, to view and analyze many short video clips for sports training.It has one in app purchase to unlock unlimited frame advances per single video.