Plastic Wall Liner Panels

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Produced by Palram for more than 50 years, AG-TUF corrugated PVC liner panels are used to clad the interiors of agricultural and light industrial structures around the world. From hog barns and dairy sheds to poultry farms and fertilizer storage facilities, our panels hold up in places where other products don’t. In addition to AG-TUF for interior cladding, AG-TUF UV is available for outdoor applications and corrosive environments.

Resistant to harsh chemicals, our panels can be frequently cleaned to facilitate maximum sanitary maintenance without premature wear and tear. AG-TUF panels are also easy to install and maintain while preserving an attractive glossy appearance for years. Attractive high-gloss white finish. Excellent chemical resistance. Fire and impact resistant. Easy cleaning and maintenance using conventional pressure washing equipment.

Economical alternative to metal. Excellent light reflectance. Does not rust or corrode. Resists scuffing and scratching. Hog, dairy, and poultry shelters.

Salt and fertilizer storage. Aquaculture farms. Kennels and stables.

Car and truck washes.

Factories and light industrial buildings.

EZ Forms revolutionary concrete wall-forming system is easier to assemble because the forms and spacers snap together horizontally. This snap connection effectively eliminates water leakage problems. No double webs with this system!

These stay-in-place forms are made from an extruded PVC material that is .100” thick and extremely durable. The system’s innovative nine-inch-wide (9”) form pieces accommodate vertical rebar placement spacing of eighteen inches (18”) perfectly.

EZ Forms unique three-piece corner was designed to simplify the installation and inspection process. The corners remain exposed until the final piece is snapped in place, allowing for easy fitment and access to all rebars. In addition, the corners ‘larger 45 degree’ fills with concrete completely unlike similar products.

Chemical-resistant, maintenance-free PVC liner panels for agricultural interior cladding

Excellent Light Reflectance: The smooth, bright finish reflects the light and bounces it around the space, making the most of the interior lighting within the building.

Impact & Chemical Resistant: Remarkably durable, PVC liner panels and wall forms are hardwearing, have a strong resistance to most harsh chemicals, and do not support mildew or mold growth.

Low Maintenance: PVC liner panels and wall forms never need to be painted, coated, or otherwise sealed. Daily cleaning is easy, just wipe down or use a conventional sprayer method.

Easy to Install: PVC liner panels and wall forms are simple to handle and install. PVC liner panels are light in weight and can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. PVC wall forms 'push-n-click' together for a quick and fast wall assembly.

Cost Effective: Both PVC liner panels and PVC wall forms are an ideal replacement for conventional wall systems.

Agrilite™ PVC corrugated, EZ Liner™ PVC interlocking liner panels, and EZ Forms concrete form assembly system are ideal for the most demanding building applications.

AmeriLux International is a leading distributor and fabricator of a broad range of plastic sheet and PVC panel products. Call today for additional product information and a distributor in your area.

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