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“Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ” is a sequel to the “Tekken Tag Tournament” series and it’s selling point is two-person team battles. In this game, the “red blood system” that can increase the character’s attack power still exists. As long as certain conditions are met, you can make your partner appear in a “red blood state”. In addition, according to different character combinations, the difficulty of launching the “red blood state” will be slightly different, and a specific combination will have a specific victory performance.

How To Play Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

In “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 “, you can also launch a “TAG” attack when breaking the wall or floor to switch the stage. And the effect of TAG casting caused by different character combinations will change. In the combo, you can also replace the character to continue the pursuit, hit the opponent to the wall/floor, destroy and so on. “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” also added a new system, the character blood tank will become cyan and red, red is the recoverable blood volume, and cyan is the current blood volume, which can be restored by replacing the player.

But in some special circumstances, such as adding a TAG substitution attack to the amplification, the cyan and red blood will be deducted together, that is, the real blood and the recoverable blood will be deducted together.

Another teammate can slowly reply when changing. The operation of Tekken is to use the joystick to perform [move] and [defense], and then use the four buttons corresponding to the character’s limbs to perform [attack]. The TAG button is used to perform [role substitution] with a partner, or combined with other buttons to perform a special [TAG trick].

Tekken TT2 game operation skills

Right fist (RP). Right kick (RK). lWin condition 1. As long as the opponent’s physical strength is exhausted, the victory will be achieved. Outside the specified time, the average value of 2 people will be calculated, and the side with the higher number will win.Even if one of the teammates remains at full physical strength, as long as one character is knocked out, it will be a failure, so please make good use of the character replacement.

The difference in software

There are many high-speed tricks with less gaps, and they can often be used to contain the opponent. Except for the gap after the opponent’s attack or counterattack, it is not easy to hit. Although there are many easy-to-use tricks in the upper attack, there will be a big gap once the opponent squats to dodge.

  • For squatting opponents, it can’t be hit, so pay attention.