Pokemon Moon Extreme Randomizer

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If you’re passionate about a certain game or genre, hours of gameplay can quickly get old without a little help. Many streamers and gamers quickly find new ways to entertain themselves by creating rules or variations of the game to make it more challenginging for themselves.
If you see someone talking about a Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke—it’s not a new exciting game, it’s a challenge on an existing one.
To perform this, you’ll need your favorite Pokemon game, as well as a mod to completely randomize the Pokemon you get.

(Hence the randomizer part.) The most common way to randomize the game is through the Universal Pokemon Randomizer.

To make it a Nuzlocke challenge, you’ll then restrict yourself even more. Rules can vary depending on you, but the most common rules for the Nuzlocke challenge include:.
You may only collect the first Pokémon you come across in each new wild area.



Moemon Extreme Randomizer PT-BR Download

Link 2 (Google Drive)