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Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Version is an advanced version of the shiny gold sigma game with significant changes to the storyline and graphics. New Pokemon have been added to the pokedex, making the game even more exciting for all Pokemon fans. As a result, the game received over 8000 instant downloads when it was released.

Basic Info about the Game:

Many new Pokemon have been added, each with its own set of evolutions. Also, the Mega Evolutions have been changed; let’s see what’s new in the most recent version. Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Super Glazed. Game Full Name: Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Version. A remake of Shiny Gold Pokemon Game. Creators: Alex and Zel. The majority of players and gamers have played the Shiny Gold Version, which was also fantastic. However, in this version, you will notice that some significant changes have occurred in the Storyline.


As the main character, you can now travel outside of Johto and Kanto.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Version Download:

There will be some activities in Alola Forms and on Orange Island. Finally, the main character can now freely move around the Orange Island area, which is one of the game’s unique features. Speaking of graphics, the game’s graphics have improved from the previous version, which plays an important role in playing and selecting any game to play. More internal area missions have been added, making the game more advanced than ever before. The game contains a variety of new moves and sprites, which play an important role in making the game more unique and playable than the previous version.

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

The player must travel from one region to another in order to complete various missions and tasks. The Professor is eager to assist you and will assign various types of missions in the games. Sprites and tiles in the game are completely different from those in the previous version, which can be added to the features list.

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Download Free:

Several new Pokemon can be found in the pokedex, and the main mission of completing the pokedex is also in the works. You must find various new wild types of pokemons in the area to ensure that they can be trained. Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Super Glazed.

The graphics in the game have changed from the previous version, and the majority of them have been re-shaped. Many new types of pokemon now have different structures and shapes. Many new graphics can be seen and experienced in the background and tiles. Many new graphical elements have been added to the environment, making the game more unique than ever.

You can also get the Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM or the Pokemon Advanced Adventure ROM. Surprisingly, the sprites in the game have been changed and re-shaped. The game’s day and night system has been improved, making the game more amazing than any other similar game.

Download Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma GBA Free Now:

As an example, if you move from one location to another, you will notice weather and light changes during the day, afternoon, and night. The incredible snowfall in the game makes it even more enjoyable to play and enjoy the graphics effects. The game’s battle system has undergone a number of changes.


The game now includes a slew of new battle and war animations. Surprisingly, there are new animations that simulate playing the game in battle mode. Because the game has a variety of game modes that can be enjoyable. New pokemons have been added, and they are all listed in the pokedex. The Pokedex is obviously incomplete, and you must complete it.

About the Graphics in the Game:

Surprisingly, The Battle Frontier facilities are scattered throughout the game, and you will encounter new battle and war effects. The adversary team is present in the area and can be challenged at any time. They are also prepared for specific challenges, and you will gain experience by participating in various battles and leagues. Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Super Glazed. Having a new plot and storyline. About 800+ New Pokemon in the Pokedex. Many new sprites and tiles.

Structures and Shapes have been added. New Battle and Animations effects. You can fly everywhere. Amazing Wonder Trade System for Trading Purposes. Gym Leaders are present and they offer re-matches. Some new abilities and attacks methods have been added. The main player has several kinds of new missions ahead. New sprites include: main character minisprite, places, tiles, trainers, Pokémon sprites, Several new overlord, battle, and trainer sprites, several graphs, etc.

New Pokemons and Battle System:

Amazing Weather System and it changes all the time dynamically. Different new routes. Dim Deep Cave and Cable Car is the newest feature. Alex Sanchez, Zel 2.0, NarenJr, Sayer301, Javi4315, GogoJJTech, MrDollsteak, Ruki, Compumax, SageOne, Klofkac, CloneX, Desntknowhowtoplay, Diegoisawesome, Touched, LeParagon, VersekrDark, NarenJr, jiangzhengwenjz, Wan, Franco, Sergio.

None of the rules make the game easy, though.Basic Rules1 You can only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area. This is a major part of the challenge as it prohibits you searching for specific types or monsters. If you don’t catch that Pokemon, then you’re out of luck and must wait until the next area before you can attempt to catch another.2 Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and you must release (although placing it in a box is fine, as well).

Now We Can Get All Legendary Pokemon:

You can never use that monster again and must continue with whatever you have left.It turned out that these rules helped the artist become much more attached to his little friends and made for a much more difficult and rewarding experience.

Pokemon Evolutions and Gym Leaders:

He found himself caring for the few monsters he was able to catch, and became much more careful in his approach to battles.There are many optional rules but we’ll only cover a few from the community to give you a feel for how they work.Optional Rules1 Starter Pokemon are chosen based on the last digit in your Trainer ID Number.

1-3 gets you a Grass-type (Rowlet), 4-6 is Fire (Litten), and 7-9 is Water-type (Popplio).

We get Pokeballs from every Pokemon:

If you’re lucky enough to get a zero, you can choose whichever Sun and Moon starter you want.2 You’re allowed to catch any Shiny Pokemon you see, you just can’t use them.

Restored Location Changes and Sprites:

Many locations were changed to something else since the first release of Emerald so now they’re back to their original states. For example The Lighthouse has been changed into an Underwater Ruin which is a common theme on randomized Emerald Rom. There are also some parts of Hoenn that were blocked off but with this rom we can go there too like abandoned mines, cape when you enter it from Dewford Town and etc.

There are many new sprites that were added to this Pokemon game because Pokemon Ruby Sapphire And Emerald were released before Pokemon Diamond Pearl And Platinum so they had some glitchy sprites that didn’t look very good in Pokemon randomizer emerald Rom. Every legendaries like Latias Latios , Rayquaza and etc have different forms now too. The male and female player character sprite has also been updated since the release of Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver Pokemon Black Pokemon White 2 Pokemon X Pokemon Y. There are also some Pokemon sprites that were updated like Pokemon Pikachu Pokemon Charmander Pokemon Squirtle Pokemon Bulbasaur and etc.

New Music, Map Additions and New Battle Backgrounds:

Added new Pokemon music, Pokemon cries and Pokemon maps. One example that comes to my mind is Pokemon Crater which is available after you defeat Winona for the first time in randomized emerald rombecause it was blocked off on original Emerald .

I know this isn’t a big deal to most people but for those who enjoy this rom because they love the awesome battle backgrounds then there is nothing better than randomized emerald rom because now we have different backgrounds for many battles. Some of the new battle background themes include Underwater Ruins, Craggy Coast, Deep Sea, Dusty Dunes, Swift Swim, Pokémon League and etc.

Expanded Pokedex with Mega Evolutions and new Moves:

Many Pokemon got their mega evolutions that were introduced in Pokemon X Pokemon Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby Pokemon Alpha Sapphire added to the game. Pokemon Latias And Latios have their mega evolution while Pokemon Rayquaza has its mega evolved form too.

It got some new moves for many Pokemon. We can now teach certain Pokemon like Pokemon Gengar Pokemon Alakazam and etc moves that they couldn’t learn before. Some of these moves include Extreme Speed Aqua Jet, Double Kick Dynamic Punch , Focus Blast Solar Beam , Flare Blitz Ice Punchand many more.

Extra Secret Base and Extra Secret Music:

Pokémon Emerald has a hidden area inside the Safari Zone where you can set up your secret base but this was blocked off on original Emerald so Pokemon Emerald Randomizer changed it so you can go in there now and that place is much bigger than original Pokemon Emerald secret base. It also introduced Pokemon Deoxys Pokemon Giratina Pokemon Hoopa Unbound Pokemon Aegislash Pokemon Cosmoem Pokemon Necrozma Pokemon Solgaleo and etc who are very rare to find normally but if you beat the Elite Four 100 times then you’ll have a chance of finding them at level 80 too.

It has awesome music themes that play on the new secret base. You’ll be hearing songs like Alola Region Festival Battle! and Adventures In The Orange Islands while inside your room .

Screenshots of The Gameplay:

How to Play Pokemon Emerald Randomizer F.A.Q.:

Q: How do I play this game?

A: First you must download Priiloader for your respective version of Windows operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8). Once you downloaded it you must boot up your Nintendo DS while holding the X key on your keyboard to open up the priiloader boot menu then choose Yes To All when asked if you want to enable cheats.

After that you must open this rom with its patch and choose the Pokemon graphic patch file for Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Sapphire Pokemon FireRed Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Platinum Pokemon HeartGold Pokemon SoulSilver and etc then click “Apply Patch”.

Q: I’m getting a white screen of death or error message when I try to start up the game?

A: You did not put in your correct ROM path, verify it, if you have 2 roms of different games on your computer like fire red and heartgold make sure your using the correct one.

Q: The game won’t launch! What should i do?

A: If this is because you’re trying to run this game from Pokemon GBA/SNES emulator like Visual Boy Advance then you’re doing it wrong it must be started with priiloader or flash carts.

Q: The Pokemon Emerald Randomizer graphics don’t fit in my Pokemon game screen properly?

A: You should patch the game into your Pokemon Crystal version game if you want fullscreen patched Pokemon Emerald randomization effects. Try playing on a DS lite or DSi for fullscreen as well. If you are using Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver VMU emulators then make sure they support the Pokemon Emerald input patch .

Q: Are there any actual new moves?

A: Yes, there are many new moves like Pokemon Shadow Ball Pokemon Counter Pokemon Brick Break Pokemon Secret Power Pokemon Fly Pokemon Ice Beam Pokemon Bite Pokemon Thunderbolt Pokemon Thunder Pokemon Rock Climb and etc thus making Emerald more exciting to play.

Q: When will Crystal version be updated for the new graphics patch that features Mawilite, Pidgeotite and Beedrillite?

A: Those won’t be released until enough people donate as those are very rare finds in the wild place of the Hoenn region. There is no changelog I can give you because it’s mostly undocumented features which makes it fun to discover things yourself (maybe a little spoiled but also considerate since emulators don’t support Lua scripting).

Download Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Version for Free: