Pokemon Ultra Sun Decrypted Rom

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None of the rules make the game easy, though.Basic Rules1 You can only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area. This is a major part of the challenge as it prohibits you searching for specific types or monsters. If you don’t catch that Pokemon, then you’re out of luck and must wait until the next area before you can attempt to catch another.2 Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and you must release (although placing it in a box is fine, as well). You can never use that monster again and must continue with whatever you have left.It turned out that these rules helped the artist become much more attached to his little friends and made for a much more difficult and rewarding experience. He found himself caring for the few monsters he was able to catch, and became much more careful in his approach to battles.There are many optional rules but we’ll only cover a few from the community to give you a feel for how they work.Optional Rules1 Starter Pokemon are chosen based on the last digit in your Trainer ID Number. 1-3 gets you a Grass-type (Rowlet), 4-6 is Fire (Litten), and 7-9 is Water-type (Popplio). If you’re lucky enough to get a zero, you can choose whichever Sun and Moon starter you want.2 You’re allowed to catch any Shiny Pokemon you see, you just can’t use them.