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Polar Air, by Eaton Compressor, backs all of our piston air compressors with the best warranty in the industry – a full 5 years – and it is NOT pro-rated.

Make sure to research and ask questions, when comparing warranty information. Be certain, when you buy, that you are getting a FULL warranty. A Pro-Rated warranty means that, the older the compressor gets, the more risk that you may have to pay out of your own pocket, should it need repair.

With our warranty, we don’t ask you to buy a service plan, or extended warranty – we just ask that you purchase and use our oil and filters. This ensures the correct oil and filters to keep your piston air compressor running for years to come.

What is an Air Compressor Regulator?

  • Our trained service and support team is ready to assist you, if you ever need them and we carry a full line of air compressor replacement parts.
  • A noise-suppression device was first developed, by Polar Air engineers, after feedback from our customers revealed a significant number of complaints, regarding the extreme noise levels of many of our competitors.
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA, our Whisper Series Quiet Air Compressors reduce stationary compressor DBA ratings by as much as 25%.
  • In an industrial environment, stationary air compressors typically require the added expense of the building or structure to isolate the air compressor and reduce noise in the work environment.
  • The Whisper Series Quiet Air Compressors solves this problem.

The Whisper Series Quiet air Compressors can be installed and operated in any environment, eliminating the need for costly and often inadequate buildings or structures to house the air compressor.

Our Whisper Silent Air unit is already installed on the back of the tank, held securely in place with brackets that are fabricated for easy removal and low profile. The Whisper Silent Air Unit dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the intake air through a series of baffle plates and pre-filters, housed within the silencer cabinet.

Save Money With Air Compressor Regulators

  • As a result, the piston intake noise is trapped and dissipated within the silencer structure, significantly reducing noise in the workplace.
  • It also acts as a secondary filtration for cleaner air, which will extend the life of your air compressor.

At the core of our Whisper Series Quiet Air Compressors is our sturdy and reliable air compressor pump by Eaton Compressor. These air compressor pumps are exceptionally quiet in operation and engineered to provide years of reliable service.

Our air compressor pumps are engineered with reliability and durability in mind. The crankcase is solid cast iron, ensuring stable crankshaft alignment and the ability to handle a higher workload even under heavy load conditions. Our compressor pumps also feature a precision balanced solid cast iron crankshaft with Timken-Style stainless steel roller bearings on the front and rear of the crankshaft, ensuring smooth & efficient operation with less drag and reduced energy usage.

Our air compressor pumps also feature:. All steel connecting rods with replaceable rod bearing inserts – this allows the air compressor rods to be rebuilt. While many of our competitors use less reliable aluminum rods, that cannot be rebuilt, the ability to rebuild the rods in our compressor will save you money.

Removable 100% cast iron cylinders – our solid cast iron cylinders are more stable under extreme workloads and do not warp from heat, ensuring years of reliable service. Many lesser quality competitors use aluminum cylinders with a pressed-in sleeve, that can quickly warp and often need to be replaced within 1-2 years.

Our solid cast iron cylinders were designed to provide years of dependable service under extreme conditions. All cast iron cylinder heads – cast iron cylinder heads are more durable and dependable for trouble free operation.

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Disc valve design intake and exhaust valves – disc valves have been around for over 100 years and have been proven to provide reliable service under extreme conditions.

Our disc valves can be easily removed from the top of the cylinder head, where they can be serviced in minutes, instead of hours, like the reed valves often found in lesser quality air compressors.

Top quality compression and oil rings – our rings ensure performance with low oil carry over (1-5 PPM). Precision ground pistons – machined to tight tolerances ensuring low oil carry over. Premium non-absorbent gaskets – prevent oil seepage from the pump. All cast iron flywheel with built-in fan – the extra weight of our cast iron flywheel during run cycle gives the pump more “throw” on the compression stroke resulting in fewer loads on the electric motor.

Many lesser quality air compressors use aluminum flywheels that do not have the proper weight ratio to give the proper throw, on the compression stroke, when the pump is running.

Built-in head unloaders – these unloaders are built into the intake valve assembly, on the compressor head, and perform a valuable function by unloading or opening the intake valves under constant run applications.

Air Compressor Pressure Regulators Are Pulse Dampening

This feature reduces internal pump heat from compression, because the intake valve is held open throughout the unloading cycle, allowing fresh air to come into the cylinder chamber. Under the compression stroke, the unloader holds the intake valve open, allowing the air to blow back out the intake filter.

This fresh air absorbs the heat from the pump under heavy workloads. Built-in inter-cooler and after-coolers – the inter-cooler allows air to be cooled between stages, while the after-cooler provides a second cooling stage, that further cools the air before it goes into the tank.

Our after-cooler also includes an all copper main feed line from the pump into the tank. In summary, not only do we have one of the highest-quality, most durable air compressor pumps in the industry, we can also boast the lowest RPM air compressor pumps on the market.

On the majority of our compressors, we purposefully oversize our pumps, running them at lower RPMs than most manufacturers.

Our more powerful, low RPM pump can still yield a high CFM output, because both our bore and stroke are larger. The benefit is that our customers get the big CFM output, while enjoying the lower RPM operation, which reduces friction and heat, extending the life of the air compressor pump. These units have name brand OPD (open drip motors) on them, all of which carry a five-year warranty.

All of our motors are low RPM (1750 rpm), versus the higher RPM motors (3450 RPM) used on many competitive units.

1750 RPM motors run much cooler than 3450 RPM motors, because of the higher torque factor.