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Eaton Polar Air Compressor Troubleshooting, Problems & Fixes

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor offers the best warranty in the industry and we back that with highly trained service technicians and over $2.5 million stocked service parts. We also have a fleet of dedicated Service Trucks piloted by highly trained technicians, that service the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Southern Regions. We service our Polar Air Rotary Screw Air Compressors and Piston Compressors. Major cities (and points in between) included in our local service area are as follows:. We have service partners in all 50 states so if you find yourself out of our local area, we’ve got you covered! Factory Training. We will come to your place of business and do a professional analyzation to match you with the perfect sized system for your needs!

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We also offer service contracts. Call for details 877.283.7614. This site is reader-supported and we earn commissions if you purchase products from retailers after clicking on a link from our site. Eaton have delivered high quality and innovative products for almost 45 years. This page will provide you with as much relevant information as possible, where you can seek help, download manuals and navigate existing problems and solutions available on this site. Eaton Compressor Contact Information.

Eaton started in Boston, Indiana in 1977. The company’s first headquarters was less than 1,000 square feet, in the basement of a Boston, Indiana Bank building, where Marvin and Barbara Cain worked extremely long hours to grow their new business. The Cains built the company around quality, customer loyalty and the development of innovative and reliable compressed air solutions. Many US-based competitors in the compressed air industry have out-sourced their manufacturing to foreign countries and this has come at the expense of the American worker and the U.S. Eaton Compressor maintains engineering, service support and manufacturing in the USA.

Eaton Compressor Information

Polar air are a brand of compressors manufactured by Eaton and sold directly on their website. The Easton air compressor website provides a variety of information about their products and downloads to manuals.

Address:Eaton Compressor1000 Cass DriveClayton, Ohio 45315. Contact numbers:Toll Free: 877-283-7614Local: 937-540-1140Fax: 937-540-1150. For eaton compressor manuals please visit their website here and select your desired one. Though I could not find any eaton or polar air compressors readily available on Amazon. The following can be found on their website:. Amongst these product offerings you can find more products related to maintenance, air driers and air compressor tools.

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  • Disc valve design intake and exhaust valves – disc valves have been around for over 100 years and have been proven to provide reliable service under extreme conditions. Our disc valves can be easily removed from the top of the cylinder head, where they can be serviced in minutes, instead of hours, like the reed valves often found in lesser quality air compressors.
  • Top quality compression and oil rings – our rings ensure performance with low oil carry over (1-5 PPM).
  • Precision ground pistons – machined to tight tolerances ensuring low oil carry over.
  • Premium non-absorbent gaskets – prevent oil seepage from the pump.
  • All cast iron flywheel with built-in fan – the extra weight of our cast iron flywheel during run cycle gives the pump more “throw” on the compression stroke resulting in fewer loads on the electric motor. Many lesser quality air compressors use aluminum flywheels that do not have the proper weight ratio to give the proper throw, on the compression stroke, when the pump is running.
  • Built-in head unloaders – these unloaders are built into the intake valve assembly, on the compressor head, and perform a valuable function by unloading or opening the intake valves under constant run applications. This feature reduces internal pump heat from compression, because the intake valve is held open throughout the unloading cycle, allowing fresh air to come into the cylinder chamber. Under the compression stroke, the unloader holds the intake valve open, allowing the air to blow back out the intake filter. This fresh air absorbs the heat from the pump under heavy workloads.
  • Built-in inter-cooler and after-coolers – the inter-cooler allows air to be cooled between stages, while the after-cooler provides a second cooling stage, that further cools the air before it goes into the tank. Our after-cooler also includes an all copper main feed line from the pump into the tank.

In summary, not only do we have one of the highest-quality, most durable air compressor pumps in the industry, we can also boast the lowest RPM air compressor pumps on the market. On the majority of our compressors, we purposefully oversize our pumps, running them at lower RPMs than most manufacturers. Our more powerful, low RPM pump can still yield a high CFM output, because both our bore and stroke are larger. The benefit is that our customers get the big CFM output, while enjoying the lower RPM operation, which reduces friction and heat, extending the life of the air compressor pump.

Eaton Compressor Contact Information

These units have name brand OPD (open drip motors) on them, all of which carry a five-year warranty. All of our motors are low RPM (1750 rpm), versus the higher RPM motors (3450 RPM) used on many competitive units. 1750 RPM motors run much cooler than 3450 RPM motors, because of the higher torque factor. They also yield low harmonic distortion, provide much higher torque in cold weather starting and requiring less electricity under start up.

Additional Motor Features:

  • Large 1-3/8” output shaft
  • High quality ball bearings on the front and rear of the motor shaft
  • Large starting and running capacitors15 Service Factor load. This means the motor can be pulled 15% over full load for more break horsepower
  • Dynamically balanced armature for low vibration levels

Eaton Air Compressors and Parts Available Online

Built with 13 G steel and premium-grade expanded metal, our belt guards are more dependable and reliable than any of our competitors, in addition to providing exceptional safety for our customers. Built in the United States, all of our belt guards are OSHA approved.

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky

All of our air tanks are manufactured in the United States and are ASME code compliant in 50 states, including California.

Services Offered

Eaton Compressor uses only top-quality, brand-name components on our air compressors, including:

  • Top quality pressure switches – including an adjustable screw, which allows you to adjust your pressure higher or lower.
  • 100% brass check valves with Teflon seating – All check valves on our compressors are solid brass with a Teflon seating. This reduces tank noise, when the compressor is running, because the Teflon seating is much quieter than other materials and insulates noise when valves are opening and closing, during the compression stage.
  • 100% brass ASME safety valves – all safety valves are 100% brass and comply to ASME code. Valves are preset and sealed for correct settings. In the event that your compressor will not turn off, our safety valves open, keeping the compressor from building too high of a pressure level in the tank. This will help to avoid the potential of tank rupture.
  • Top quality plumbing fittings – to maintain proper sealing when connected to the tank.
  • High quality 100% brass ball valves – used for turning air on and off from the air receiver.
  • Extended tank water drain pipe – plumbed out the front of the unit with a ¼” ball valve handle for easy tank draining. This eliminates the hassle of draining the tank with the typical petcock-style drain under the tank.
  • Load-less starting – built-in head un-loaders, in the intake valve assembly, unload the pump so it will not start under direct head pressure. This feature prevents damage to the motor during the starting cycle.

Eaton Compressor Manuals

We use taper-lock style, 2-groove pulleys, versus single groove. We also use dual, 2-groove, B-Style belts to drive our pumps. This combination is best for a couple of reasons – the dual belts ensure long belt life, and yield low vibration, which makes for smoother, more quiet operation. This is because the dual belts do not have to be as tight as with a single belt setup. The tighter the belts (as with a single belt setup) the more load on the compressor pump, and motor bearings, which decreases the life of both. As well, our taper lock pulleys are much better than a fixed bore pulley with a set screw. A taper lock design will lock the pulley into position, to the motor shaft, allowing it not to loosen or move on the motor shaft.

If you have any questions, or are ready for a quote, please contact our sales team at 877-283-7614 and they’ll work with you to find the best air compressor to meet your needs.