Pole Barn Ceiling Liner Panels

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  • Metal Liner Panel

    In many parts of the country, a popular ceiling is to use steel liner panels. Generally the liner panels are the same rib configuration as steel roofing and siding, the difference being the panels themselves generally have little or no warranty on either the paint, or the steel themselves.

  • Insulation

    As the paint is not exposed to the elements, this is really of no concern. These liner panels usually have a minimal coating of galvanization under the paint, so protection against rusting is low. Due to both of these factors, the cost of the material is lower than siding and roofing panels which require more protection from weather and sunlight deterioration. In many cases, the steel liner panels are screwed directly to widely spaced trusses, sometimes spanning eight to 12 feet.

  • OSB or Wood Paneling

    This results in the liner panels having a noticeable sag between the trusses, especially if insulation is blown in on top of the panels. The common reasoning in using liner panels, as opposed to say… gypsum wallboard, is they are far lighter in weight, so the roof trusses do not need to carry as high of a load. Many people seem to feel the use of white painted liner panels, contributes to the building being brighter inside, when lights are turned on.