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The place where we all gather, laugh and play is undoubtedly the living room. The focal point of a home, its place between kitchen and bedroom acts as a natural centre, drawing guests from morning wake-ups to after-work nights in. These fifty modern living rooms show stretch in a variety of substrates and styles. Centre modern furniture around a cubic rug. Forge a concrete paradise with living walls astride couches. Go futuristic, with colourful clocks that shine metallic. Design your lounge creatively, using these fifty modern living rooms as examples.

Using pops of red and blue upon black and grey, this modern eclectic living room is coloured under baubles. Eastern pieces in a Turkish rug and wooden table cube give it character.

Settle into an oasis in orange and grey. This modern lounge keeps it interesting using different shades of grey, a metal coffee table and figure canvas.


Scandinavian style can be ultra-minimalist. Block couches in grey play with light wooden stools, a swing chair and brighter lemon light in this relaxed scene.

Centre your living room with a unique rug. This 3D-illustrated piece, Visioni A, by Patricia Urquiola is met by other squares in three lounge sets and a fireplace. A wooden-panel partition and glass-barrier staircase frame the space.

Make a splash in your lounge with a multi-colour rug. Paired with teal cushions and floor lamps, this retro-inspired look uses wood, cream furniture and an elephant drawing to evoke modern India.

Go pastel in your next lounge design. Upon a floor in lino and wall in light wood, pops of pastel green, pink, light terracotta and blue mingle amongst a swing arm wall lamp and laddered bookcase.

Looking for living rooms for book-lovers? This one is for you. Look closely and you will see a unique piece of living room wall decor with the bookcase spelling out ‘Read Your Book Case’. Clever!

Make concrete living rooms greener. This fusion of industry and nature is created with two living walls, grey linen furniture and a scattering of pot plants to tie it all together.


Don’t want a stark look? Make it cosier with white and wooden walls, a fluffy rug and monochrome abstract – and token living wall, naturally. A whiskey decanter or two invites us further in.

Make your living room breathe the industrial look. Replete with factory-inspired extractor fans, a one-wheeled coffee table, metal staircase and leather sofa, this lounge just screams bachelor pad. Check out our modern industrial-style living rooms post for more inspiration in this style.

A stunning artwork can be your lounge’s focal piece. Framed by large Japanese windows, an exposed brick wall and Scandinavian school chairs, this funky living room exemplifies great loft-style design.

Make your lounge sophisticated. Lit by a cacophony of circular chandeliers and designer table lamps, such as the Flos IC T2 here, this living room uses white, brown and denim blue to make relaxing look easy.

Monochrome living rooms are timeless. This modern design joins black and white together in a row of low bookcases, a wood stack, exposed brick and L-sofa. Check out our post for more black and white living rooms.

Have a heritage wall you’d like to use as a feature? Black living rooms can give old walls new life, as with this lounge seating a grey modern sofa, black and white sketch and round nesting coffee tables.

A brick wall living room is the envy of many. Pair yours with sleek, smooth materials, like this lounge’s black wall, no-fuss rug and mushroom leather couch. Inset shelving and a framed abstract add interest.

Don’t like the look of a plain black facade? Insert LEDs throughout its lifting edges, like this living room peopled with zig-zag cushions, a geometric rug and floral door art to the side.

In love with a large wall clock, but not sure where to put it? Make it your lounge’s central feature. This room’s space-age vinyl couch, silver cushions and stunning acrylic centrepiece is accessorized with a mirrored door and semi-industrial metal fixtures.

Sculpt your lounge. A cracked feature wall and sculptural chairs, here the Q1 lounge chairs, are provided space by high, grey-curtained windows and a bronzed floor and panel.

Rather be up high? This living room’s ornamental ceiling feature and geometric staircase panel have set our dreams on fire. Notice how the shapes in the living room wall decor mirrors those of the lighting.

Think of shape and form when designing your living room. Peopled by a spot mural, patterned wallpaper and a range of rugs, cushions and vases, this eclectic living room uses muted colours to make the mis-matched work together.

Love the minimalist look? This black and white lounge couldn’t be more simple, with its contoured stairway, walls and suite straight out of a magazine. Check out our 40 Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms post for more ideas in this style.

Want something with a bit more colour? This gorgeous living room uses Japanese influences to create a low-down look with futon couches. A row of white French windows and pops of mustard and light pink accent the style.

Missing that little bit of green outside? This Scandinavian living room livens up its interior with small trees peppering its black, white and wooden space. Check out these indoor plants for some low-maintenance choices.

Want a lounge and office all in one? A partition doubling as a TV-holder keeps this living room light and bright, with wood and grey furniture bordering an office on lino. A modern accent chair in navy looks out to the view outside.

Let marble form the backdrop. Lit by a bauble chandelier and floor reading lamp to one side, the greys in the wall, curtain and seating colour this lounge in shades of grey.

Build the living room of your dreams. This marble plinth bordering an indoor pool is the latest in stylish conversation pits. Cut in quilted seating, a central fireplace and a tree or two for a perfect place to socialise.

Looking for the latest in double-height living rooms? Bright, open and spacious, this white living room is afforded a fireplace by a middling copper plinth. Store ornaments in its inlets to showcase world treasures. Globular living room chandeliers add to the grandeur.

Love the look of wood panelling? This living room takes its ceiling to its architectural limit, with an array of dangling bubble lights over a suite in grey.

Draw an animal stencil in your lounge. Black, white and divided almost in two, its large-shaped elements are strung by two rows of camera lights.

A splash of colour can make your living room come alive. Looking out to a flowering tree, two sunshine-coloured seats add pizzazz beside an abstract in grey.

Those lucky enough to own a window corner lounge should add block sofas. This grey version cuts its seats into checkers, whilst a marbled kitchen bench offers similar patterning.

Not brave enough to own an indoor living wall? Provide a view to one outside, like this grey-hued lounge bordering foliage and a bookcase.

Outdoor living walls can come from top and bottom. A row of bridal creepers covers the roof, a hedge the lawn in this sophisticated living room lit by hollow circular pendants. A marble floor and taupe couch introduce more cool.

Why not look to a tree instead? Set beside a marble fireplace, the large glass pane of this living room’s window has us thinking of Christmas.

A yellow accent living room doesn’t have to be bold. The subtle lemons of this cosy space lie in a scattering of cushions, painting strokes and jars in the background kitchen.

Build yourself a mid-century modern living room. White walls, a pale blue rug and classic brown leather seating offer a look the discerning designer will admire.

Differentiate your pieces by a shift in texture. This living room offers a rug in suede, a couch in linen and an accent chair in quilted grey.

Let your living room own a colour. This pea green set is complemented by a twig-and-berry chandelier, LED-lit wooden panelling and a stencilled glass table.

A room segue could be your lounge’s feature. This lit hallway provides a warm background to this laid-back lounge in grey. A glowing wooden feature and origami art piece help tie the look in.

Love rectangles? Design in them, using this lounge’s framed prints, fireplace cavity, marble tables and upholstered sofa.

A dash of pink can really pretty up the place. This lounge pairs it with soft grey, an indoor tree and a bevy of black magnetic lights.

Looking for more variation? This pastel pink sofa is met with chairs in berry, ottomans in blue and a series of art pieces in complementary shades.

Pastel room decor need not be childish. The Scandinavian themes in this compact space show in a wooden crockery stand, patterned couch cushions and geometric rug. A vintage photograph tells a story.

Looking for living rooms with large wall art? Look no further, with this grey and wooden room made tropical by its canvas.

Have only a small space to play with? Make like this living room, and frame your pastel art with grey couches, light wood and white-wall bookcases.

Hipsters can’t go past this living room. Decorated with cushions in pastel, a white brick wall and beautiful plant stand, the hanging bike on its wall is its central feature.

Looking for more natural art? Try wooden wall decor for size, like this grey and white living room with coloured wood at its centre. A pipe-inspired light and potted orchid finish the look.

Get a taste for travel with this modern rustic living room. With its rattan chandeliers, driftwood framing and large potted ferns, how could you not feel away on vacation?

Lovers of the countryside will favour this modern farmhouse living room. A caged chandelier, French windows, faded Turkish rug and traditional marble fireplace all add to the feel.

The modernist has a place for this colourful living room. A series of oscillating bulbs, pop pastel hues and circular artwork offer signature elements.

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