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Imagine those days when the power supply went down and couldn’t complete the task at hand now if you wish to not have such days again its better you to own a generator. No matter what lifestyle you follow a generator can be used anywhere and any way, that is, at a weekend camping site, recreation, worksite or for your home.

In today’s fast-paced world, a generator comes as a power booster to get your work done. This article will help you find best generators in Canada in 2021.

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
The mechanical energy mostly comes through an internal combustion engine which makes use of petrol, oil or other fuels.

Thus basically, a generator converts energy into electricity and not create electricity.

There are 3 types of Generators:. Standby generator:. Those used in homes, farms, and offices where you require electric power between 10000 to 15000 watts.

This is a pure backup device and is immovable once installed through professional service.

It comes at a higher cost compared to the 2 other types. If you keep a clear map about which essential devices you want to use, then it will get easier for you to decide how many watts standby generator you need.

Portable generator:. If worksite and recreational activities are the purposes for you buying a generator than the portable generators are the perfect ones. These require refueling and so you must have the fuel on hand all time.

They provide a power range between 1000 to 8500 watts.

As the name suggests these generators are portable and you can easily carry it anywhere also switching on and off is easy. Inverter generator:. Lighter and quitter this is the new generation generator.

This can power-sensitive devices like computers and other small essential electrical devices.

However, overtaxing this device may cause harm to your equipment so before buying make sure you keep a clear idea about how much power your device requires and buy a generator accordingly.

5000-7000 watts: Home essentials.

3000-5000 watts: Jobsite Use. 1000-3000 watts: recreational use. According to your requirement, which can be: camping, recreation, home, work, etc. select a generator.

Below we are providing a comprehensive list which takes into consideration most of these activities.

The power generated (Watts).

Automatic Voltage regulation. Manual Transfer switches. Automatic Safety shutdown. Automatic idle control. Select a generator according to where you want to use it, that is for home or outdoor purposes, and which device you want to use it for as this helps you determine the watts of the generator and its sensitivity towards those devices.

A perfect device for camping.

Charge your mobile (18 times), Laptops (4 times), Gopro (40 times), Drone, mini projector, mini-refrigerator, and all those devices below 200 watts. A perfect lightweight companion with whom you can travel all those places you wanted to discover and maximize your experience.

The Jackery Generator Portable power station can be recharged through wall outlets, solar panels, and 12V cigarette socket.