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MacBook Pros are high-end and fully-functional machines that can complete a wide array of tasks. They are almost always reliable and make a great investment for a computer that you can use for years without having to worry about much when it comes to maintenance or upkeep.

There are a few things that can wear down on your MacBook Pro over time and the battery is one of the most common issues.

Just like any other battery, the battery found in your laptop has a lifespan and after a certain amount of time, it will start to show problems and affect performance.

When this happens, it’s time for a new battery so let’s take a look at how much it costs to replace one.

Signs that You Might Need a New Battery

There are a few things to look for as your battery starts to get older that indicate it might be time for a new one for your MacBook Pro.

One of the first signs your battery might need to be changed is that your computer is operating slowly. A slow MacBook Pro can be caused by multiple factors but if you have an older model MacBook Pro, it’s easy to check the status of your battery to see if it might need to be replaced.

All MacBook Pro batteries have a life cycle that is defined by the number of charges it goes through over the course of its life. This is known as a battery cycle and for a typical MacBook Pro, you should expect about 1000 battery cycles before you need to get a new battery.

So, checking how many battery cycles your computer has gone through is an easy first step in checking if you need a new one.

Step 1: click on the Apple icon on the top left of your screen. Click on About This Mac in the drop-down menu and a diagnostic screen will appear.

Step 2: From here, click on the System Report button on this screen indicated in the picture below.

Step 3: Click on the Power listing and you will see a screen come up that will have the total number of battery cycles your MacBook Pro has gone through over its lifetime. If this Cycle Count number is approaching 1000 and your Mac is acting slow, it might be time to replace the battery.

How Much Does a Replacement Battery Cost

Option 1: Check Your Apple Warranty (Or Pay Apple)

The cost of your replacement battery for your MacBook Pro can vary a bit depending on where you purchased it, what model of MacBook Pro you have, and if it is covered under warranty.

These batteries are definitely not as cheap as replacing the battery in a more common electrical device like a flashlight or a Walkman (remember those?!), but buying a replacement battery is still a lot cheaper than getting a new computer altogether.

If you get your new battery directly from Apple, make sure to check if your computer is under warranty first. If your battery is running out, you most likely aren’t under warranty any longer but it’s still worth checking, just in case. If you are under warranty, you might not have to spend as much money on a new battery.

You can find a list of Apple’s Battery Services here and the range of cost for a battery replacement service, according to this site ranges from $129 to $199. The range in price just depends on what model year of MacBook Pro you have.

Bonus tip: You may like whether your MacBook qualifies for Apple’s MacBook Pro battery replacement program. Go to the link and enter your MacBook Pro serial number to check eligibility.

Option 2: Do-It-Yourself Or Engage An Outside Vendor

There are some cheaper options out there, especially if you want to change the battery yourself. It’s not that hard to do and check out the link on this site for an in-depth look at how to do this simple repair yourself in about half an hour.

If you do want to replace your MacBook Pro battery yourself just be sure to be careful, take your time, and don’t strip any of the screws attached to the back of your computer or the ones holding your battery in place.

If you want a cheaper option for a batter than through Apple, check out these sites:

  • Amazon – Another way to find your replacement battery is to go to Amazon and search for your MacBook Pro model and replacement battery. This will show a bunch of results but you can pick and choose which option is the best for you. On Amazon, you can find most batteries.
  • iFixit – they have most batteries available for your MacBook Pro and also offer complete replacement kits that allow you to do the job yourself with the right tools and instructions. Prices for battery replacements here range from $59 to $149 depending on your model.
  • LaptopBatteryExpress – this is a discount battery site with all batteries for all MacBook Pro models available at a cheaper price than directly through Apple. They have all sorts of batteries for all sorts of computers so just be sure to select the Apple MacBook Batteries button on their main page. Prices for battery replacements here range from $69 to $129 depending on your model.

Final Thoughts

If you need a new battery for your MacBook Pro because of your Mac’s age or performance, they are easy to find and are a lot cheaper than buying a brand new computer.

You could either go directly through Apple to get your battery replaced or there are plenty of other sites around that sell replacement batteries for cheaper if you want to make the repairs yourself.

Have you ever replaced your MacBook Pro battery? How much did a new battery cost you?